Why ISIS Should Matter to YOU

In 1930’s, Hitler‘s Nazi party rose to prominence in Germany.  This party consolidated power and Hitler became the supreme leader of a country that ultimately committed unspeakable atrocities against Jewish people, gypsies, the mentally retarded and physically handicapped, homosexuals, Blacks, Russians, prisoners of wars and anyone who opposed that country’s policies of racism and genocide. 
Although nations such as the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia were never invaded or conquered by Nazi German Nazi forces (although the UK was attacked by aircraft and later unmanned rockets), these nations did declare war on Germany, with the USA being the last to do so, only after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941
During the second World War, the Japanese committed systematic atrocities against people they conquered, such as the Chinese.  They also committed atrocities against prisoners of war. 
But what the Japanese did pales in comparison to what the Germans did, which was to systematically murder 6 million Jewish men, women and children, and 5 million others.  They did it in the name of their idea of national “purity”.  And while they did so, the rest of the world, including the the Vatican and the USA, turned a blind eye.
While everyone else officially claimed ignorance regarding the concentration camp activities of the Nazis, endless eye-witness accounts were readily available during that time.  But the allied countries chose to ignore these accounts.  Instead they directed the military progress of the war.  It was only after USA, British, and Soviet troops began to physically run into (and liberated) Nazi concentration camps, was the full horror of the Nazi death machine made public in all of its gory and unthinkable detail.
Many reports claim that Nazi Germany had been working on developing a nuclear bomb toward the end of the war.  Had they succeeded in their efforts before the USA did, it is possible they could have won the war instead of being ultimately defeated.  imagine what the world would look like today had that happened:  A world population ruled by fear and terror.
Fast forward to the second decade of the 21st century:  Fundamentalist Islamic extremists have been operating worldwide with deadly results for over 15 years.  Al Qaeda, a more or less decentralized terrorist organization with “sleeper cells” world-wide, attacked the USS Cole in 1998 and the World Trade Center and US Pentagon in 2001, among other later acts of destruction and terror.  The USA has been pursuing Al Qaeda for more than a decade and has had mixed success against it.
All of a sudden a new terrorist organization known as ISIS or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria  (alternatively known as ISIL, or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), clearly well funded and possessing a centralized and well-organized command and control system and a well organized military force, burst onto the scene.  It invaded and conquered parts of Syria and most of northern and western Iraq, in an operation reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s blitzkrieg invasion of Poland in 1939. 
ISIS is an extremist fundamentalist Islamic terrorist organization whose tactics are so brutal that even Al Qaeda has rejected it.  When they invaded Iraq, they scared the Iraqi solders so badly that those soldiers left all their American-supplied military equipment in situ, and fled.
Once entrenched, ISIS began murdering Shia Muslim Iraqis, as well as an Iraqi from any other religion besides Sunni Muslim. They kidnapped hundreds or perhaps even thousands of women as young as 8 years old, forcing them to become Sunnis, and to make them available for marriage to ISIS fighters.  They believe that brutally murdering anyone who is not like them is acceptable and even obligatory.
And in a departure for the secrecy that surrounded the German concentration camp activities and and other atrocities, ISIS makes videos of its murderous brutality, as if to boast to the world how proud they are of their brutality.  In recent days, they released a video of them beheading an American journalist, with the threat of beheading another one.  For ISIS followers, beheadings are just another tool of conquest and control.
So why should westerners care?
The USA is already flying air strikes against ISIS…but where is the rest of the international community?  It seems that there should be an international effort to not just stop, but eradicate ISIS from the face of the Earth.  Not only would hundreds of thousands of innocent lives be saved, but the message sent to any other terrorist group would be crystal clear:
Civilized humanity will not tolerate your existence.  Period.
Alternatively, we can ignore history, and be condemned to repeat it…endlessly…at the cost of countless innocent lives…
That doesn’t sound like the choice that advance, thoughtful, caring, civilized people should be making.

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