Ted Cruz is Running for President. REALLY????

Ultra-conservative first-term US senator Ted Cruz from Texas announced on Monday that he is running for president of the US (POTUS).  He did so at the evangelical Christian Liberty University, which is run by none other than Jerry Falwell, jr.

It didn’t take long for the media to report a number of foe-pahs seeming committed by this candidate, or by his friends in his stead, though.

Besides the fact that most mainstream republicans don’t like Cruz and consider him a loud-mouth egotistical thorn in their sides (never mind what democrats think of him), right out of the box it was learned that Falwell had required attendance of ALL 10,000 of Liberty University’s students at the Cruz presidential kickoff.  This came to light because the students protested in a number of ways.

Then Cruz admitted that he is now seeking health insurance though the Obamacare federal exchange (because Texas does not have its own exchange, which is an act of protest by Texas against the Affordable Care Act).  He is concurrently seeking to repeal this selfsame health care reform law.

“Do as I say, not as I do”, Teddy?  🙂

Cruz probably will not survive to the end of the republican primary season, though.  The reasons are legion:

1.  He is probably the most polarizing person in the republican presidential arena.  While he is educated, intelligent, and articulate, his message of “Never compromise, but always pray” is not not going to attract a single democratic, moderate independent, or mainstream republican, in all probability.  Dr. Ben Carson, who is even more extremist-religious-right then Cruz, is another example of someone who is so far off the mainstream path that he is unelectable.

2.  Everyone remembers the “birther” issue.  Though hard to believe, there are STILL lunatic fringe people who somehow believe, all evidence to the contrary, that Obama was born in Kenya.  The fun of turning the tables on Cruz, who was born in Canada of Cuban-born parents, is only just beginning.  🙂  And although the law is clear that he is eligible to run for POTUS, the STUPID and the LAZY out there won’t bother to research the facts…they’ll just go with the anti-science, anti-fact, anti-data, anti-empirical evidence, faith-based vampire-believers out there.  THAT should be a HOOT to watch.  🙂

3.  Related to the above, there are multiple reports that his Cuban father was a Castro revolutionary before he immigrated to the USA at age 18.  The reports claim that he may have American blood on his hands from his activities while still in Cuba.  You can bet these reports will be heavily researched.  Not good for Cruz if they’re true….

4.  The Cruz-orchestrated October 2013 government shut-down fiasco, which cost the economy US$24 billion and caused a lot of disruption, is going to come back to haunt him.

5.  His own mainstream republicans, while smiling at him (maybe) to his face while sticking knives into his rhetorical back, will probably work against him as hard as they can.

6.  The other, more mainstream candidates for the GOP POTUS nomination are probably going to work together to some extent to knock Cruz out of the race quickly, in an attempt to limit the damage Cruz continues to do to the GOP brand.  Then after he’s gone, they’re do the same to each other.  After all, the last one standing wins the nomination.

7.  Regardless of what the future holds, Cruz will win and keep most of the ultra right and religious right base of the GOP, which will weaken the rest of the GOP candidates to some extent.  By further dividing the GOP, he makes it more likely that the undecided voter will either not vote or will tend to abandon the GOP.

Just a couple of days after his announcement, there are a lot of negative factors he has to contend with in order to win the GOP nomination for POTUS, let alone the general election in November 2016, which is a mere 18 months away.  And the first primaries begin only 10 months from now.

Of course, all of this favors the democrats and the presumptive democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.  In fact, democrats probably wish that Cruz WOULD win the GOP nomination and that either Ben Carson, Sarah Palin, or Michele Bachmann would also be on the GOP ticket as vice-presidential candidates.  🙂

And finally, Ted Cruz would most likely be a whole lot better off taking the ultra-extremist religious right and the Tea Party factions of the GOP with him to form a completely new and separate third political party to run for POTUS. It’s his best chance for making it onto the general election ballot in November 2016. It also does the democrats a big favor by absolutely dividing the GOP vote in the general election.

In states that allow anyone, regardless of party affiliation, to vote in the GOP primaries, democrats should be lining up at the polls to vote for Cruz, just to keep him and his lunatic fringe in the race:)

You just can’t make this stuff up…




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