Make War, Not Love

Although it has been two weeks since the last blog article, make no mistake about it: G.W. Bush, the “decider” guy, has been busy making sure that everyone out there knows he is still the “decider” guy. In fact, last week he tried a bit too hard and the US Congress had to gently snap him back a bit with their first veto override of the democrat-sponsored water-projects bill

And who can forget the “decider” recently vetoing the democrat-sponsored SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program) bills twice, even though increasingly numbers of republicans are voting in favor of SCHIP. After all, these GOP congressmen and senators are facing increasingly hostile voters in re-election bid next November, and the “decider” guy isn’t helping them with his “decider” decisions, is he?

But just yesterday, the “decider” guy G.W. Bush may have gone too far again. He vetoed another really necessary appropriations bill that would have funded health, education and labor, restoring US$4 billion that he had cut from the budget plus adding an additional US$ 6 billion, claiming that this is just another example of those pesky “tax and spend” democrats in Congress. That was US$ 10 billion more than the “decider” guy wanted to spend. He’s looking out for the the rest of us, isn’t he?

Or is he?

Because what this “Do as I say, not as I do” incredibly arrogant and hypocritical “decider” guy didn’t want you, me or anyone else to know was that at the same time he was comparing the democrats to “teenagers with a new credit card”, he was signing into law a US$ 470 billion non-war defense spending bill with lots of pork and special spending projects in it for his defense contractor buddies.

That’s right, folks. This $470 billion wasn’t going to equip our troops with the latest in bullet-proof gear and laser-guns….it was going for non-war defense “projects”. $470 billion!!!!!  But because the health, education and labor bill was $10 billion more than Bush requested, he vetoed it. And because the SCHIP bill was more than he requested, he vetoed it. Twice. After all, what do poor kids need good health for anyway??

During the republican-controlled Congress in the first six years of Bush’s reign of drunken-sailor spending, he never once vetoed a spending bill, and the budget deficit skyrocketed. In fact, in all that time Bush only issued one veto, on a stem-cell research bill. Yet, in the ten short months since the democrats have controlled Congress, Bush has issued no less than five vetoes, with the promise of many more to come. It doesn’t matter that education suffers, infrastructure suffers, or that children suffer in the richest nation in the world; the “decider’ guy has already decided that we’ll make war if we have to kill them all.

However, the final kick in the teeth to the American people, or at least to the middle class, is perhaps the cruelest and most telling of them all, for the ‘decider” guy has already said he will veto this if it gets to his desk:

Middle class relief from the Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT).

The AMT is a tax imposed in the early 1970s to ensure that the very rich paid income tax even if tax loopholes hid most of their income. At the time, only about 9,000 taxpayers were affected by the AMT. But the AMT law did not take inflation into account and now, if no change to the law is made, over 33,000,000 taxpayers will be forced to pay the AMT by 2010.

Bush has already promised to veto any measure that exempts the middle-class families from the AMT by raising taxes on financial managers, equity fund managers and multi-national corporations. These folks, of course, are among the top 1% money-earners in the nation.

Feeling the love? No??

Are you angry? YES??

Well, then: Make war, not love!!!! It’s the “decider” way!