How the Democrats Should Deal With a Republican Senate

With the US mid-term elections only 6 days away, polls are showing that republicans are favored to pick up seven senate seats in the election.  That would give them at least a 52-48 majority in the US senate, more than enough to shift all the senate committees and their chairpersonships over to republican control.

Worse things have happened, such as when a Mars-sized asteroid collided with the Earth 4.5 billion years ago (or 6000 years ago if you a fanatical religious evangelical wingnut).  Yet, there was a benefit to Earth:  the moon formed from the debris and helped to stabilize the Earth’s environment, allowing life to develop.  But if the republicans end up controlling both houses of congress, it’s hard to fathom any benefit to America, unless one is a millionaire or billionaire, or a large corporation.

All might not be lost IF the democrats can manage to win at least three or four of the most contested senate races, such as Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire and a couple others.  It’s still possible, since the national democratic strategists have for quite some time been formulating a “get out the vote” campaign.

But if that campaign fails (and it may, due to democratic voter apathy and less than stellar independent voter support for democrats), then Obama is going to have to contend with the most hostile congress in over 80 years.

The GOP will claim they won a huge mandate (by having a one- or two-vote majority in the senate..Whoop-de-f**king DOO!!).  And the republican senate will no doubt attempt to pass all those incredibly stupid, short-sighted, billionaire-industrialist-friendly, middle-class-and-environment-UNfriendly conservative bills that the House will send up to them, including the nine-hundred and forty-seventh attempt to repeal Obamacare.

If the democrats can learn ANYTHING from the minority senate GOP over the past six years, it should how to emulate the massively excessive GOP use of the filibuster in the senate to block legislation.  And add to that the GOP’s keeping their extremist fringes in line long enough to vote as a block.  After all, the minority republican senate filibustered and blocked more legislation in the past six years than all previous years of the existence of the USA COMBINED.

Additionally, if the dems lose the senate, they should study and adopt the political tactics that the republicans relied upon to foment unwarranted fear and hatred in the low-information voters, who constitute more than half of all people casting ballots.  These are, for example, folks on food stamps who hate government social safety net (a.k.a. “giveway”) programs, people earning minimum wage who believe the corporations and industrialist billionaires will take care of them, those who want the government to keep its hands off their Medicare, folks who truly believe their God will make them rich, and the people who think that the health insurances companies really care about their health.

They are the same people who are too lazy and/or too stupid to do their own online research to find the truth, because they believe that computers are ONLY useful for buying stuff, playing games and secretly looking for porn…and maybe some email if they can someday figure out the difference between voice-mail and email.

After all, how else can one explain how and why the poorest, most rural, least educated, and most religious states in this country, such as Alabama and Mississippi, are solidly red?

The minority democrats must also ALWAYS blame EVERYTHING on the republican congress….if gas prices go up, if a commercial jet goes down, if there is a terrorist attack anywhere in the world, if the tomato you bought yesterday has a worm in it…EVERYTHING.

Additionally, they must loudly and repeatedly claim that the republican congressionals are leading the country down the same path as that which the Nazi party took Germany down prior to World War 2;  every time a republican even sneezes, the dems should be warning about the ruin and death being brought to the USA by the republican majority in both houses of congress by spreading disease through targeted, purposeful, virus-loaded sneezing.

And finally, even though the economy may continue to improve (largely because of initiatives of the Obama administration), the democrats must repeat loudly and often that the economy is getting worse, that most people are starving, that the record stock market is smoke and mirrors, and that the republican congress is sucking the life-blood out of the nation like so many crazed zombie vampires.

If the democrats can implement a political program such as this one (invented by republican strategists), they will sweep the 2016 elections and send the GOP running for the hills (where they can continue inbreeding).

Of course, it’s a very large “IF“.  After all, democrats like facts and logic and reason while republicans like myth, innuendo, fear, hatred, and religion in government.  But to paraphrase both Popeye the Sailor Man and Neil Armstrong:

“Ya gots to do what ya gots to do”…for the good of all humankind.  🙂


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