GOP FEM-WARS: The Women Strike Back!

We, the PEOPLE!! has written several articles about how the religious right has hijacked the republican party, which has subsequently declared war on women and their reproductive rights.  As the evidence (and Rick Santorum’s having eight kids) demonstrates, the religious right does not believe that women should have the right to an abortion, contraception, or to have sex (even with just themselves!) before marriage.  Even after marriage, they believe in having sex SOLELY to procreate, i.e., for factory-production purposes.

Sadly and frighteningly, these folks would impose their whacked-out bible-soaked beliefs on everyone everywhere if they could.   From the view up here in the cheap seats, that makes them very similar to the Taliban and other extremist groups whose greatest happiness is derived from imposing their warped dogma on others.

Having written about this, however, has not done sufficient justice to how some women are courageously fighting back.  Take, for instance, the following examples:

First, there is Catherine Crier, author of the best-selling non-fiction book Patriot Acts: What Americans Must Do to Save the Republic”, as well as several others.

On the March 9th, 2012 episode of the very popular HBO Friday night political series “Real Time with Bill Maher“, Crier  suggested that women at the grass-roots level everywhere could fight back very effectively against these outrageous religiously-based attempts to limit their reproductive rights, although she warned that it could involve short-term sacrifice on the women’s part.

Her strategy?   Simple!   Agree completely with these GOP rules about sex, just as they’re being pushed by the GOP candidates and their evangelical supporters!

In other words, women will stop all sexual activity except for the express purpose of conceiving a child.  Thus, they won’t need contraception, and they’ll never require an abortion.

And since they won’t want children, they will no longer have sex.

So how long do you think any of their male sex partners who support the GOP are going to put up with THAT?????

Next is the democratic state senator from Ohio, Nina Turner, who has decided to use the legislative process to fight back.  She introduced a bill in the Ohio state senate that would limit a man’s access to Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or any other erectile dysfunction medication.  According to her proposed legislation before the Ohio state senate, a man would not be able to receive a prescription for any of the popular erectile dysfunction drugs (which enable him to have sex)  until and unless he goes to a second doctor to receive a second opinion regarding his need for this medication.

According to the senator, she is only trying to look out for the health and well-being of men by ensuring that they receive information on the possible side effects of these medications, known as PDE-5 inhibitors.

The legislation also includes the requirement that a man seeking any of these medications would have to a doctor certify in wrting that his “symptoms” are not psychological in nature.  That way, men could be guided to make the right decision for their bodies, much as male legislators have passed bills requiring women to have ultrasounds and/or hear the heartbeats of their fetuses before they can have an abortion, thus “guiding” them to make the right decision for their bodies.

Similar bills have been introduced in the state legislatures of at least other states so far:  Virginia, Oklahoma, Idaho, and Pennsylvania.

It seems only fair that women state legislators begin to protect the reproductive health of men, just as male legislators, who make up the extreme and vast majority of all legislators in every state of the USA as well as the US congress have been making laws governing the reproductive health of women for many years!   🙂

And finally, there is Dr. Marlene Talbott-Green, whom, as a Professional Counselor, has advocated that the state should monitor for signs of masturbation by men.   She states, in a comment on the aforementioned article about Ohio state senator Nina Turner, that:  ” I think that’s even in the Bible – men should not spill their seed on the ground or anywhere outside a woman’s body… ”

She goes on to say:  “These people would then be taken into custody – for their own protection, of course – and face a hearing, and perhaps fines or jail-time, the way doctors will be criminalized for providing an abortion to a woman.

All of these women are professionals, and women everywhere should thank them and others like them that are actively advocating for women’s rights.

And yet…defying all logic, thousands of women yesterday voted for Rich Santorum in the Alabama and Mississippi primaries!

Wow…..Talk about voting against one’s own self-interests….but then, the ultra-religious, the mis-informed poor, and the lazy/stupid do it all the time.

And that’s why the GOP survives!


2 thoughts on “GOP FEM-WARS: The Women Strike Back!

  1. I agree Santorum is a religious wacko. But equating killing your unborn child to a guy jacking off is laughable. It just shows the lack of intelligence of the left.

  2. Hey randy, if all you’re getting out of this debate is that someone is trying to equate masturbation with abortion, then maybe YOU should look inward to examine who does and who does not have a “lack of intelligence”.

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