Bush Administation Gets a Christmas Pass

Who says “We, the PEOPLE”, don’t have a heart??

Due to the pressures of the holiday season, we are giving the Bush administration (we won’t even call it the Bush MIS-administration this time, folks!) a pass this week.

We know they are busy preparing for the Christmas holiday, buying gifts for all of their favorite people…like Halliburton, Exxon-Mobile, Saudi Arabia, and folks with no identity over at the CIA. We can just imagine Tricky Dick Cheney checking out laser gun sights for his hunting pals and ol’ Scooter Libby checking out, well… scooters. And how about Larry Craig…he is probably surfing the ‘net for chartreuse-colored “port-o-johns” (or other “johns”) to send to his special friends with the “wide leg positions”.

Of course, the rest of us are busy with holiday doings as well, but hopefully not so much as to not pay attention to the congressional hearings scheduled to begin tomorrow (Friday, December 21st, 2007) on the felonious willful destruction of evidence by the CIA when it destroyed at least two videotapes in 2005 of “harsh” interrogations in 2002 (see blog article below).

Recent New York Times reports now indicate that the Bush White House may have been involved somehow, so these hearings are going to get very interesting.

But they’re only getting started tomorrow. As stated above, “We, the PEOPLE!” are giving the administration a holiday pass this week.

So, to all who read this, the wish is for a great and joyous holiday, be that Christmas or whatever holiday you wish to celebrate or have celebrated.

We’ll be back here Wednesday, December 26, 2007, with a final blog article for the year.

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