Abortion: The Scourge of GOP Politics

Abortion is a subject sure to raise controversy whenever its brought up either in polite or other conversation.  The issue forces and face-off between those who believe that a woman should have complete control over her life and her body, and those who believe that abortion is a religious sin, child murder, and morally unacceptable.

The problem with the issue is that it has no solution acceptable to all.

Generally speaking, the political left believes that abortion should be legal and safe and unencumbered with unnecessary (from a health standpoint) requirements, while the political right generally believes that abortion should be illegal, abortion providers should go to jail, and “abstinence only” is the only acceptable alternative.

But since they know they cannot make abortion totally illegal, they are more than willing to complicate women’s lives with laws which make abortion unnecessarily restricted, complicated, difficult, and unpleasant.

To that end, many GOP-controlled states have imposed laws requiring that such unnecessary regulations such as requiring doctors who perform this procedure to have hospital operating privileges, even though the procedure is most often performed in a clinic.  They also have imposed a waiting period for women of a minimum of 24 hours after forcing women to undergo a medically unnecessary ultra-sound procedure and to receive “counseling” on the desirability of carrying the fetus to term.  Sometimes the ultra-sound required is the invasion “Trans-vaginal” ultrasound.  The ultra-sound is really being required to attempt to change the patient’s mind about having an abortion.

Clearly, republicans “claim” to believe in less government and less government regulation.  But when it comes to women and their personal rights, including control over their own bodies and health decisions, all bets are off:  the GOP wants a stranglehold on a woman’s body and choices.

To prove this point, the GOP-controlled US House of Representatives is pushing a bill that would overturn a law passed in December 2014 by the Washington D.C. Council, which prohibits employers from taking punitive action against any of its employees for using abortion services or birth control.

In other words, anyone could be fired (or not hired) simply because they, their spouses, or even their children believe in birth control and abortion.

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) sponsored the House resolution because, she says the DC Council resolution known as the  “Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act,”, actually discriminates against people with religious values.


There is a big difference between living one’s life by one’s own religious beliefs, and forcing others to live THEIR lives by someone else’s beliefs.  The perfect analogy is happening right this minute, albeit it to a much larger extent, in the so-called Islamic State (ISIS).

Of course, the present-day anti-abortion and anti-birth control advocates don’t care about such things, nor do they see the similarities in the analogy.

Besides the religious right trying to impose its will on everyone, there is a gross unfairness about the fact that the vast majority of legislators in the USA are men, and yet many of these men have no qualms about imposing their religious belief systems on women.

But what if women could impose THEIR religious belief systems on men?

Presently, the Florida State Legislature is about to pass a law that will impose a 24-hour waiting period on a woman from the first appointment with a doctor who will perform the procedure, before she can have an abortion. Ostensibly, this is so that the woman can “give thoughtful review of her decision to have an abortion after viewing an ultra-sound, etc.”

Thus, Florida state Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, D-Tallahassee offered an amendment to require a similar waiting period for a vasectomy. It is against her religion as a Catholic for any person to interfere with the reproductive process, and in fairness, she felt that if women have to wait 24 hours, then men should have to wait as well.  She also felt that if these right-wingers were going to impose their religious belief system on everyone, why couldn’t she?

Way to go, Michelle!  🙂

Of course, that amendment went nowhere, but one has to consider that sooner or later, an issue such as this might make it to the US Supreme Court.  In the meantime, the Tea Party and the religious right are going to claim a small victory in Florida.  Conversely, the US House of Representative proposal is probably going nowhere, just like Michelle’s amendment did,

Meanwhile, back in the mainstream, the potty-trained republicans probably wish their base would just drop all abortion issues until after the election.  Why?  Because the cat-fighting within the GOP over abortion is just turning people off.

That cat-fighting, by the way, is yet another indication that the GOP should split into two separate parties:  The mainstream and the extreme.

Naw.  Let them keep clawing at each other.  🙂




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  1. No question that this is, along with gun control, warmongering, birth control, voting rights restrictions, tax cuts for the rich, pandering to Wall Street, gutting election reform and destroying the environment, their most decisive issue. May they continue to self destruct.

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