The 2016 GOP Circus With a Cast of Twenty

With almost two years to go before the November 2016 US general elections, it is incredibly entertaining to watch the republicans falling all over themselves for the GAME OF THE DECADE!  🙂

At this early juncture, no less than NINETEEN GOP candidates are either running now, or have at least said that they are strongly considering a run for president of the USA.

In alphabetical order, they are:

In addition,South Carolina GOP senator Lindsay Graham is considering a POTUS (president of the United States) run.  20 wannabes!!!

Last weekend the infamous billionaire Koch brothers sponsored  a ‘come-to-the- GOP-Jesus’ “FREEDOM SUMMIT” conference in Iowa, the first primary state in the USA.  The conference was hosted by ultra-conservative religious-right-wing Iowa republican congressman Steve King.

The principal purpose of this conference was to give the Koch brothers an opportunity to access the GOP field of candidates, so they can decide which candidate did the best job of kissing and licking their dual asses, just for the almost US$ 1 billion the Koch brothers plan to spend on the 2016 US general election.

For most of these POTUS wannabes, there is little chance they can win the GOP nomination, which truly is a brass ring quest for whomever can negotiate the mainstream/conservative GOP wasteland.

However, the final GOP nomination winner will have to woo not only the unbelievably filthy-rich, but also the extreme-right wing party base AND the minority mainstream of the party to receive the votes necessary to win the nomination.

Rupert Murdock, the billionaire media mogul, has already made it clear that he will NOT support Mitt Romney’s endless bid to be POTUS.

Many of the other GOP candidates suffer from invisibility, lack of name recognition and/or they are unremarkable as viable candidates.

Some, such as New Jersey governor Chris Christie (and some say Jeb Bush, as well…more on him later…) are considered to be too mainstream republican (translation: too liberal) and not wacko-Tea-Bagger enough to win over the ultra-conservative red-meat-craving, knuckle-dragging base of the GOP to be able to win the republican primaries.

Additionally, one candidate, more than any other, is incredibly beyond stupid to believe that a run for POTUS could possibly be successful.  Yep, you guessed it: Sarah Palin.  Her high level of ignorance and low level of IQ even scares potty-trained republicans!  🙂

And then you have the ultra-right-extremist crazies such as Ted Cruz…candidates who believe in a “scrotched-Earth” policy for any idea that doesn’t meet their goals 100%.

Thus, there will be few republicans standing after this vetting and filtering primary process.  There may be one or two of the low-name-recognition folks might still be standing that appeals to the “average” republican voter…whatever that is.  But the money bet, at least right now, is on Jeb Bush.

Good ol’ boy Jeb has a couple of major problems that he has to overcome just to win the republican nomination for POTUS, let alone the actual presidency itself.

In GOP Primary-land, he has to convince the GOP base that he is conservative enough of their taste and that will not be easy.  Jeb agrees with Immigration reform and with opening the door to Cuba.  Marco Rubio, also from Florida like Jeb, stands to split the right-wing vote on the basis of his more conservative views, at least on Cuba.

However, assuming that Jeb were to win the GOP nomination for POTUS anyway, he then faces an independent and a democratic electorate that still has a bad taste in its collective mouth for anything “Bush”, after the debacle of the George W. Bush presidency of 2001-2009:  two unfunded and unfinished wars, the use of torture by the USA, the financial meltdown of the Bush recession, ad nauseum, will clearly work against Jeb with many voters.

One fly in all this ointment is Rand Paul.  This guy does not fit into any political pigeonhole well.  His biggest disadvantage, and his greatest strength, BOTH spring from the weird views he holds.  IF he can get past the republican primaries and win the nomination (which is unlikely), he actually could give the democratic candidate a run for her money…  🙂

And yes, make no mistake:  HER!  🙂





2016 U.S. President

Biden (D)
Bowers (R)
Bush (R)
Carson (R)
Christie (R)
Clinton (D)
Cruz (R)
Cuomo (D)
V. Hill (R)

Johnson (L)
King (R)
O’Malley (D)
Pataki (R)
Patrick (D)
Paul (R)
Perry (R)
Portman (R)
Romney (R)
Rubio (R)
Ryan (R)
Sanders (I)
Santorum (R)
Brian Schweitzer (D)