Best Christmas Entertainment: The GOP Civil War

Thanksgiving is thankfully over and Christmas season here, television will be broadcasting endless shows and movies about the Holiday Season.  Ultra-extremist-religious-right fanatics will taut the war on Christmas as they do every year in an attempt to provide added enjoyment during this season. It is, after all, a time of gift exchange, birthday celebrations, and dead trees sheeding endlessly on living room rugs, upon which people love to place increasingly crowded decorations and overly-dense lights to celebrate peace on Earth and good will toward men.

No mention of women there…  Hmmm..  But back to the Holiday Joy of Endless Entertainment, a.k.a.,   The GOP.

Congress is back in session in Washington, DC, and it must pass Departmental budgets to run the government past the date that money runs out to do that, December 11, 2014.  Unfortunately for the GOP, the democrats still control the US senate until the new GOP majority is sworn in early in January 2015.  But that still leaves funding of the US government to deal with.  The alternative is to face another government shutdown like the one the GOP forced in October 2013.

The GOP is really three sub-parties that are often at odds with each other.

The oldest faction is the moderate center of the party, made up primarily of intelligent, longtime republican senators and congresspeople who understand how divided government works.  They realize it requires working with the opposing party, negotiating to achieve a compromise that both parties can live with.  No one gets everything they want but most get something they want.

The next faction is beholden ONLY to the big money entities that bought them their election.  They ONLY care about satisfying their financial golden hen for their next election.  As a result, they will always and forever support the interests of the money interests that got them elected.

The last faction of the GOP is most dangerous and extreme-far-fringe.  It is populated by the ultra-conservative tea-party and extreme religious right fanatics who believe compromise is a socialist plot intended to supress and enslave American citizens.  That are self-convinced and self-appointed to believe that only MINIMAL government programs and regulations (who needs clean air and clean water, anyway???), is the ONLY truth,, and that opposition to science and logic, and a well-armed citizenry, are all that’s required to be happy and secure.

In general, they support uncontrolled capitalism and the almighty profit factor.  But they are not beyond cutting off their business nose to spite their business face.  These folks favor immediate deportation or every undocumented man, woman and child in the USA, regardless of the costs to the taxpayer or their corporate money-sponsors who finance their political campaigns and provide unmentionable perks to these lunatics.

They simply don’t care that deported migrant workers may not be present to pick our fruit in the fields and perform all the other jobs that most Americans refuse to do.  Nope.  America is for Americans and that is all that matters.   If foreigners want to come here, they can wait in line with the rest of the undesirables.

So they are strenuously opposing (and bad-mouthing to the extent that they can get away with it) the mainstream GOP leadership in the House and senate, which is going to pass an “Omnibus bill” next week to fund the federal government through the end of  FY 2015 (September 30th, 2015).  The exception to this “done-deal” bill is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), for which they will pass a Continuing Resolution to fund it only through March of next year.   After all, DHS oversees the deportation of illegals, and Obama has directed them to deport criminals, undesirables and felons first (oh, the horror).

The lunatic fringe of the republican party is really upset that they can’t shut the government down just before Christmas, which would furlough hundreds of thousands (at LEAST!) of federal workers and cost the American taxpayer tens of billions of dollars.

Here’s what some of the ultra-right republican congressmen have been saying:

Representative Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said that funding the DHS just through March would be excessive.  “That seems way too long.  The shorter, the better.”, he said

Representative John Fleming (R-La.) wants the government shut down, stating ,”Why would we extend a continuing resolution into March for DHS?  Why not vote on it the first day we’re back?”

Representative Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) said that passing a spending bill that doesn’t impose limitations on implementing the executive action is a capitulation by the GOP.

Represetative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said, “The cavalry is coming.  Why in the world would you want to extend a continuing resolution for several months without waiting for those people to get here?”

So stay tuned as the GOP continues to punch itself in the face.  It should be more entertaining than “It’s A Wonderful Life ” or “Miracle on 34th Street 🙂