GOP Political Ads are Full of S#!T

President Obama and his administration are guilty of several administrative screw-ups, such as the disastrous Obamacare website roll-out in October 2013.Perhaps their worst transgression, however, is that their marketing of their policies and decisions is absolutely horrible.  it’s almost as if they had no marketing skills whatsoever…as if they were trying to sell dead insects to new homeowners.

Every administration has missteps that they must walk back after initial exposure to the press and public. But every college sophomore taking marketing 101 knows that selling ice to Eskimos is only feasible if one has the appropriate marketing skills to make the Eskimos believe that they NEED to buy more ice.  In the case of  the Obama administration, Obamacare and its broken promises of keeping your health care plan if you like it, as well as the Benghazi tragedy and its subsequent aftermath, could have been handled in ways that minimized or even eliminated the political damage to the Obama administration, democrats in general, and the possible future candidacy of Hilliary Clinton in 2016.

Instead, however, republicans in general and the Koch brothers and their super-rich anonymous massive financial contributors in particular have seized upon these and other issues to market their lie- and fabrication-encrusted hate- and fear-mongering messages of utter incompetence and weakness by Obama and his side.

Of course, while blaming Obama for everything from Benghazi to Crimea, they offer absolutely no alternative solutions.  Additionally, they do not justify nor offer proof for their criticisms and statements.  They get away with all this for one reason:

Many, if not most Americans are low-information voters.

Take, for instance, the republican criticism of Benghazi, where 4 Americans were murdered in a terrorist attack in 2012.  the Obama administration has vowed to bring the responsible parties to justice.  The only problem with that is that the perpetrators haven’t been caught yet.  The reasons for this are obvious:  it’s hard for the USA, or any western country for that matter, to identify and then trace terrorists in a foreign country.  and what we don’t know is what our intelligence community is do regarding accomplishing that goal, nor will we know until and less the perpetrators are caught and we can prove we have the right people.

But the republicans are screaming that Obama is doing NOTHING to catch them and bring them to justice, and as a result, no other countries respect us anymore.  What they don’t tell you is that their hero GW Bush never got close to catching Osama Bin Laden, but they never claimed that other countries thought we sucked because of that.

And additional example of this republican condemn-Obama-at-all-costs doctrine is the Russian take-over of Crimea.  Republicans everywhere are claiming that because Obama hasn’t caught the Benghazi terrorists, Russian president Vladimir Putin was emboldened to annex Crimea from Ukraine.  In other words, if Obama had captured ANYONE and claimed they were the Benghazi guys, Putin would have done nothing in Crimea.

Not only that, but now they’re criticizing Obama for not stopping Putin singlehandedly.

Are they for real?

Note that no one republican has offered an alternative.  Not one republican is advocating that we go to war with Russia, either.  After all, Russia is a nuclear power and the USA is not going to start a nuclear war over a region where the majority voted to join Russia in the first place.  But these republicans are still claiming that Obama is not doing his job.  They just don’t have a suggestion as to what that job should be.

Because the average American does not do his or her own research on the issues, the poison political ads that the Koch brothers are buying nationwide can have an impact.  They don’t need to be true.  They just need to make the low-information voters afraid that under Obama, all the bridges in the USA are going to collapse.

There is one last item that these republican hate- and fear-mongers are capitalizing on, and that is Obamacare.  The Affordable Care Act was an attempt to incorporate republican ideas into what should have been a straight-forward, universal health care system akin to “Medicare for all” or a single-payer system, that would have been simple, equal, and ultimately invisible as far as how it was financed…through our taxes like in every other industrialized country. 

Because of that effort to please the impossible-to-please GOP, the current health care reform program has got a LOT of problems, and they aren’t going to go away anytime soon.  This, too, is the result of a flawed (non-existent, actually) marketing plan from its inception.  And if the democrats lose control of the senate in 2014, this is going to be the main reason.

On the other hand, voters should have a responsibility to discern the truth before they vote, and If ANYTHING screams that people should have to pass an exam before being allowed to vote, this does.

Yeah.  THAT’s gonna happen.

Can USA REALLY Condemn Russia Over Ukraine??

Not so long ago in a galaxy not so far away (this one, in fact), humans would only invade their neighbors over such things the need to survive and reproduce.  Water, food sources and reproduction would drive violent encounters between opposing humans and their aligned associates, if any.

Later in history, as basic human survival needs were relatively stabilized, humans fought over religion, wealth, slaves, property, political power and other non-survival purposes.

As technology advanced and man learned to destroy more with less, people began to realize that there were better ways to solve problems then killing and destroying, such as talking to each other, and negotiating, and even competitions like land rushes and the like.

Then when humanity became capable of utterly destroying itself, even more humans realized the pen was much mightier than the sword if the physical survival of the entire human race was important.  As a result, most organized nations of the world came together and agreed that henceforth they would seek to work things out, avoiding bloodshed and possible annihilation.

The only acceptable exception was if a nation was attacked by another nation with force.  Only then would defensive counter-force be deemed acceptable, and even then only enough to stop and reverse the original aggression.  Remember this.

On September 11, 2001 (9-11) the USA was attacked on it own soil by members of a stateless religious extremist Islamist organization known Al Qaeda which also pledged to attack the some of the other large nations on the planet with local terror operations.

As a result of the 9-11 attacks, the USA appropriately chose to seek out Al Qaeda and its supporters, the Taliban. The USA subsequently invaded Afghanistan with American and coalition military forces to rout and destroy Al-Qaeda and overthrow the Taliban government of Afghanistan.  This action was condoned by every civilized nation on Earth as meritorious and justified by the brutal 9-11 attack on the USA.

HOWEVER!!!!  If only the USA would have stopped there and simply maintained stabilizing forces in Afghanistan and nothing more.  But, nope, not to be.  Then-president of the USA George W. Bush, who by many accounts was hell-bent on attacking Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, ostensibly because Saddam tried to kill his dad, former president George H. W, Bush in the late 1990s, was intent for his first day in office to attack and remove Saddam Hussein.  The fact that then-president Bill Clinton took strong military retaliatory action against Saddam subsequent to the assassination attempt didn’t seem to be enough for the younger Bush.

So in March 1993, after convincing a not-very-discriminating-or-perceptive congress, G W Bush directed American troops (and coalition troops) to invade Iraq under the false pretense that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, most notably some nuclear capability of some sort.

SURPRISE!!  Not a single solitary weapon of mass destruction was found.  An obsolete Russian MiG jet fighter WAS found buried in the sand in the Iraqi desert, however.

So…The USA spent almost 10 years in Iraq, a country that posed no threat to us, which in all probability had held back Iran, even if we didn’t like Saddam Hussein or his government.

Fast forward to March 2014:  Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, who rules the largest country on Earth (Russia), one of the powerful nations on Earth (Russia)  and the one of the two largest nuclear arsenals on Earth (Russian & American), decided to invade the Crimean peninsula of the formal Soviet satellite republic of Ukraine.  Russian troops marched in without firing a single bullet (unlike the USA in Iraq in 2003) and were welcomed with open arms.  And while it was still clearly a violation of sovereign Ukrainian territory by Russia, Putin’s claims that they were invited by the ousted pro-Russian president of Ukraine, and that the vast majority of the population of Crimea is of Russian origin or descent and welcomed them, is true.

But the very worst part of this is that at Putin’s press conference on Sunday, March 1st, Putin stated (accurately) that the west (read: USA and its allies) yelling at him for putting troops into Crimea (where Russia ALREADY has a base and troops, by the way), is coming from a nation (USA) that seems to invade other countries such as Iraq with impunity, even WITHOUT a direct connection to the USA (except maybe oil).

If you don’t live up to a standard (human rights, for instance), then where on Earth to you get the hubris to demand that others do so?  When we tortured terrorist prisoners between 2003-2007, we lost our right demand that other countries cease doing the same.

So when, after invading Iraq for no valid reason, we demanded Russia reverse their invasion of Crimea, one could just hear their disgust at the arrogant American “do as I say, not as I do” attitude.

THAT’S what the Bush/Cheney Syndicate did to us……