TEXAS: Proud Producers of GOP Bigots & Extremists

Is this REALLY the 21st century?

If aliens from the planet Zork came to the USA (ostensibly because they intercepted a transmission from us as we were pontificating on the airwaves for the gazillionth time about “American exceptionalism” and they wanted to see it for themselves), it’s a safe bet they would think we were either stoned or insane…or both….ESPECIALLY if they happened upon Ted Nugent, the Texas ultra-extreme-right wing bigoted racist rock-musician-turned-political-lunatic.  This, by the way, is helping to take the republican party down with independent voters, not that the teabaggers seem to care.

Nugent has been around a long time.  He’s has always been an extremist, but his extremism was limited primarily to his music and strong views on gun rights freedom until Obama became USA president.  In January 2014 Nugent made statements about president Obama that are truly so heinous that it is hard to believe that any American would support them.

Chick HERE or here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsSMoMXG5wc to watch

In this UNBELIEVABLE video recorded at a Texas National Rifle Association (NRA) rally, Nugent called Obama a communist, a “sub-human mogrel” and a chimpanzee.  These are the same names bestowed upon the Jewish people in Europe during World War II by the NAZIs as they were murdering millions of those innocent men, women and children in concentration camps in the name of Aryan racial purity.

Running for governor in the republican primary in Texas is the current state attorney general, Greg Abbot, who Nugent enthusiastically supports.  In fact, Abbot embraced Nugent at a political rally for Abbot after the video went viral, and never once tried to distance himself from Nugent.  Abbott’s position is that Nugent helps to bring out the extreme right base of the republican party for early voting which starts today in Texas.  Abbot’s lame excuse is that Nugent supports him, but he never said he supports Nugent.

Are you fu**ing kidding???

That’s like accepting the presence and support of Hitler at one of your own fundraisers and then saying you don’t necessarily support the guy.  The bullshit flag is out so far on that it could cover the entire state of Texas.  But the hot stinky air rising from that state is just getting started.

Earlier this month in the US senate, the bill to raise the national debt ceiling limit was passed with bipartisan support after making it through the House of representatives with similar bipartisan support.  However, Texas republican Joe Barton voted no. He is another fringe lunatic who says that “wind is God’s way of balancing heat’!!!.

It also did not sail through the senate unscathed.  Republican senator Ted Cruz (whom with with senator Mike Lee of Utah recently introduced a bill in the US senate to force the federal government to stop forcing all states to recognize same-sex marriages from other states) insisted on filibustering the bill in an attempt to stop it and thus shut down the federal government just like he did in October 2013 (which cost the American taxpayer US$ 24 billion).  Initially, mainstream republicans felt they had to stick together, but one by one in private they told Cruz and his band of Merry Mindless Morons like senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who suffers from foot in mouth disease, and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who had previously claimed that Obamacare would force doctors out of their homes at night at gunpoint to heal people to go shit in their hats, because they were not going to allow these insane-asylum escapees to blackmail the nation and concurrently kill any chance of the republicans surviving as a political entity in America.

Interestingly, all three of these guys fancy themselves as presidential candidates in 2016.  One can only hope that they actually run, and expend maximum resources beating each other up during the republican presidential primaries.

And one can only hope that they tap people like Ted Nugent to play his brand of rock and babble his brand of hate, racism, bigotry, Nazi-inspired, white-supremacist, genocide promoting Neanderthal knuckle dragging thought-processing that these people seem to excel in.

If that happens, then perhaps enough independent voters will do enough research on their own to realize that selfish Me-First and Me-Only whack-jobs like Ted Nugent, Ted Cruz, Joe Barton, Mike Lee, Rand Paul belong to a time when humanity believed that solar eclipses where a sign of evil and the Earth was flat.

This is important, because if any of these megalomaniac manages to get elected to the presidency of the USA, then those space explorers from the planet Zork will clearly note this eventuality and post Quarantine signs at all the La Grange points around Earth warning all other intelligent life elsewhere in our galactic neighborhood to steer clear of Earth for their own safety and survival.

And some folks just also put a sign in their driveways directed upwards at those sign-erecting Zorkians that says “Please land here and take me with you!!!”