The Ted Cruz Clown In the GOP Circus

Pop quiz time:

How many political parties are there in the USA?

If you answered “2”, you obviously thought the question asked how many “officially recognized” parties their are.  The correct answer to that question would indeed be “2”.  But the question suggested nothing about “official” parties.

The correct answer is that there are actually three distinct parties:

1.  Democrats, made up of moderate centrists through leftists social democrats.  They see government more as a friend than as an enemy and they believe that government serves functions that the individual cannot serve by himself or herself. Public safety issues fall under this classification.  They also believe the capitalism works best when it is will regulated to prevent abuse by the powerful against the powerless.

2.  Moderate Republicans, who often are not very different from moderate centrist democrats, although they tend to have more faith in the individual and more skepticism in government than their centrist democrat counterparts.  However, the moderate republicans are still pragmatic enough to accept that there are many functions that individuals cannot possibly accomplish by themselves. Thus, more often than not they will join with democrats to negotiate and comprise to produce solutions and programs that work for the greater good of all.  They tend to have more faith in free capitalism than democrats, but will still respond firmly with controls and corrections when burned by bad economic policies.

3.  Extremist right-wing republican pseudo-fascists, who are further subdivided into the anarchists, the Christian right, and the fruit loops (a combination of the anarchists and the Christian rightists).  These folks actually might be a new and distinct species of humanity, since the only characteristics that they share in common with mainstream democrats and republicans are the abilities to campaign and fund-raise.  But all similarities end there.

The anarchists, who prefer the label libertarians, believe in the absolute minimum amount of rules, laws, government, foreign relations, interactions, government programs, social programs, taxes, etc., and the absolute less the better.  The Christian right believes that that all rules, laws government programs, foreign relations, interactions, government & social programs, taxes, etc., must all be based upon the new testament, and the more, the better.  The fruit loops believe in BOTH, or a combination thereof.  In all cases, they all share one important priority:  “ME!

This third rail offshoot of the republican party is commonly known as the Tea Party, and its present darling (a title that seems to rotate like flavor of the month) is a freshman US senator from Texas, Ted Cruz.  Previous Tea Party favorites have been Sarah Palin, Michelle BachmannRand Paul and Todd Akin.

Texas is the state with the highest percentage of people, and the highest number of children with no health insurance of any of the 50 states of the USA.  It is also the state with the highest number of executions of any of the 50 states as well.  Cruz is about as opposed to any form of government-sponsored and/or government-assisted and/or government mandated health insurance as anyone can be.  That means he hates Obamacare.  And as a result, he decided he was going to shame his follow republicans in the senate into voting against the bill sent over by his GOP buddies in the House to defund Obamacare by babbling his brains out on the senate floor for 21 hours straight in a filibuster that really wasn’t because senate rules demanded he stop talking after 21 hours.  Did you get all that?

Translation:  He wanted everyone to vote against something he and they actually wanted.  So he spoke for 21 hours in a mock-filibuster that served no purpose and convinced no one.  In the end, he voted FOR what he wanted everyone, including himself, to vote against.

Weird, right?  But it gets much worse.

Ted Cruz, during his 21 hour on-the-job monologue which he claimed was “intended to save the taxpayer jobs and money”, spoke about Star Wars and Darth Vader, Saturday Night Live, Sean Connery, Chinese gooseberries, and the Bataan death march of World War 2.  He read from the bible and read two bedtime stories to his daughters including “Green Eggs and Ham” as well as other stuff, while earning his taxpayer-paid salary of $174,000 a year, which doesn’t include the taxpayer-paid salaries of his many supporting staffers in this meaningless political endeavor.

That Cruz then negated his own monumental waste of time and money and voted against his own proposed “no” vote was just icing on the circus cake, like  a clown who steps in the elephant droppings and then laughs at his own clumsiness.  The trouble is that the rest of the tea-flavored koolaid sipping fruit-loops think that the move is just part of some brilliant strategy that they can’t understand, which just reinforces to them just how brilliant it really is.

Ted Cruz is a fruit loop and fruit loops begat more fruit loops.   🙁



Obama, Syria, & When Being Right Isn’t Enough

In the two weeks since the last We, the PEOPLE!!  a lot has happened regarding the threat of a surgical strike by a coalition of military forces led the the USA against Syria’s ability to deliver chemical weapons (CWs) against either its own people or anyone else.

First, in an incredibly close vote of 285  to 272, the British parliament narrowly defeated a bid by British prime minister David Cameron to join an international coalition in a limited surgical attack against the Syrian CWs capabilities Explaining why they refused to support the attack, a member of the opposition stated that they were still recovering from the UK being dragged into the Iraq war which was sold as quick in-and-out conflict to remove Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), consisting primarily of nuclear materials and perhaps even biological materials by faulty and manipulated intelligence which was submitted to the UK.

US president Obama, realizing that his razor-thin international coalition might collapse without UK participation, decided to submit the issue to the US congress for their support and approval.  That was a bold move, considering that France was the only other nation able to militarily support an attack on Syria with substantial assets alongside the USA.  After all, even though more that 2 dozen other nations supported actions against the Syrian regime and its use of CWs against innocent men, women and children (more than 400 of whom were killed by what is now known to have been sarin gas attacks), those nations are not equipped to provide much in the way of effective military support for a sophisticated surgical strike with a narrow but intense and extremely focused objective.

It was a gutsy move on Obama’s part and to some extent a baffling one.  It was also unexpected, as was the British parliament’s refusal to join the party. The initial belief of the experts and the pundits was that Obama would go it alone or with France.  But when he pivoted and punted the ball over to the congress, the initial belief was that congress would forget partisan politics on this issue and this issue only, and support the officer of the US president against the atrocities committed by a brutal dictator.

Remember for one moment why Obama came out swinging to begin with:  The Russians, who are one of five permanent members on the UN Security Council, made it clear they would veto any proposal to hold Syria accountable for using CWs, and in fact, they supported the ridiculous premise that it was the rag-tag rebels who had used them.  They also claimed that Syria’s Assad did not even possess CWs.

Even when Obama sent the issue to congress for their approval, he never specifically said that he would not act if they voted against action.  That was key, because after that event the Russian and perhaps even the Syrians cooked up a plan whereby Syria’s CWs would be placed under international control (to be ultimately destroyed).  Russia thus de facto admitted that Syria did indeed possess CWs (and therefore de facto admitted that the Syrian government under Assad was the logical origin of the August 21st CWs attack).  Furthermore, Russia got Syria to agree to sign the latest international anti-CWs protocols, joining the rest of the international community in swearing off CWs.

It’s really hard to believe that any of this would have happened if the USA hadn’t rattled the sabre as it did.

But to back up just a skosh, or a scintilla, or a nano-moment, before the Russians blinked…when Obama took the issue to congress:

As time wore on, the patina of “us vs. them” wore off and was replaced with “us vs. them vs. you vs. us vs you and forget about them”.  People began to retreat back into their familiar zones of comfort.  More and more republicans (you remember, the folks who brought us Afghanistan and Iraq?) signed onto the “Let’s stay out of this one” list.

And while this was happening, back in the middle of the homeland (Missouri, to be exact), the republican state legislature passed a state bill (vetoed by the the democratic governor) that prohibited federal agents from enforcing federal gun control laws in Missouri…to protect the US second amendment from federal interference!   That veto is being submitted to the legislature for a possible veto overturning vote.

Yep!  You read it right.  Republicans, in order to protect the sanctity of the national constitution, will pass state laws nullifying national laws.  And republicans, in order to protect the world against weapons of mass destruction that do not exist, will embroil the USA and its allies in 2 10-year-+ wars at the same time.

But to protect children from chemical weapons attacks that are proven to have taken place, and to protect our own troops from the possibility of those same CWs being used against them at some future date?

Not if it was Obama’s idea.