Monday’s GOP Debate: Embrace Lies, Ignore Facts

Based upon the latest polling, President Barack Obama’s re-election prospects seems to be in real trouble:. those disapproving his job performance has reached 55%.

Last Thursday, he presented an extremely-well-crafted jobs recovery bill before a televised`joint session of congress..  Some folks think it was the best speech of his political career.  He should have gotten a 10%-20% bump in the polls, but he didn’t.  Obama’s numbers stayed at the  55% disapproval rate he’s had since the debt-limit-increase debacle of August.

Yet, another poll released today (9-14-11), informed Americans actually like his jobs recovery bill by a margin of 43% to 35% (80%), while fully 20% have no idea what’s in Obama’s jobs bill, or don’t know about it, and thus have no opinion.  Most were probably too busy watching the opening game of the  National Football League (NFL).  Keep those ignorant 20% in mind, and add them to the 35% who oppose the jobs bills.  Is it just a coincidence that they add up to 55%?

If you even had the stomach to watch Monday’s GOP debate among the eight GOP/Tea Party candidates (without getting too nauseous), you probably noticed two things:

1.  The GOP/Tea Party candidates did not seem to have any use for facts or truth, and

2.  They never mentioned Obama’s proposed jobs bill.

Thus, it’s reasonable to calculate that 35% of Americans who watched the debate would approve of most of what they heard (almost all of it lies and stupid statements), because they are either conservative republicans, ultra-extreme-religious-right Tea Party activists/supporters, or head-in-the-sand libertarians who believe that the only justifiable function of federal government is to build an extremely strong military force to defend the Sovereign Associated States of America (SASA for short, the name they would call the USA if they could).  Tea Partiers believe in that same strong military force, by the way, except they also believe that this armed force can be used to invade any country that does not support their Tea-Party agenda….or that has lots of oil…or both.  They also tend to agree with the SASA idea.

Against this backdrop of extremism, the GOP/Tea Party candidates in the debate essentially attempted to revise history, law and reality to serve their personal agendas.  And while all of them participated in this practice to one extent or another, the bullshit award of the evening has got to be given to Michele Bachmann, the ultra-extremist, right-wing evangelical fundamentalist ignoramus from Minnesota.

Bachmann, continuing a tradition she started for herself of talking out of her ass without ever checking the facts, accused president Obama of “stealing US$500 billion from Medicare” (a program, by the way, that she would end if she could).  Obama did nothing of the kind.  The bill passed by Congress and signed into law by Obama is expected to lower the Medicare budget by that amount of money through the reduction of rampant fraud and abuse and by implementing streamlined systems.  Obama stole nothing.

She also claimed that Rick Perry of Texas personally forced 12-year-old girls in Texas to receive a “state-mandate-government-injection” without the ability for parents to opt out and say no.  The truth is that while Perry issued an executive order in Texas to have all 12-yead-old girls receive the HPV virus vaccine UNLESS they opted out,  And even so, the Texas legislature rejected Perry’s executive order, and then passed it’s own version of the law, which included the opt-out provision.  The hypocrite Bachmann never mentioned that she doesn’t oppose children receiving state-mandated mumps or chicken pox vaccinations, or any of a myriad of other vaccinations, however.

Bachmann also clearly stated that the HPV virus vaccination is dangerous to kids because it can cause metal retardation, a bullshit claim she repeated the next day on CNN.  She seems to base this claim upon an unknown “mother” coming up to her and claiming that her daughter had a “mental health episode” following an HPV vaccine.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia has repeatedly made it clear that no such danger exists.

She also claimed that the health care reform law funds abortions, at Obama’s personal direction, because the law mandates that health insurance companies cover the “Plan B” morning-after contraceptive, which Bachmann falsely proclaims is an abortion-inducing pill.

Michele Bachmann has a long history of spouting bullshit about founding fathers, slavery, the US Constitution, and revising history to back up her beliefs and agenda.  Weirdly, the rest of the GOP candidates seem to be emulating her.  The stupid and the lazy in this country are eating it up!

If Obama and the democrats don’t want endure a “shellacking” again in the coming 2012 elections, they better start spoon-feeding the American electorate every single time the GOP candidates lie and ignore facts and reality by aggressively waving that bullshit flag over and over…

Because if they don’t…well…how did you like the eight years of Bush and 6 years of republican control of congress?