SEX! Better Indoors, Outdoors, Or Supressed?

There are few things in life that are more impactful upon the human condition than the achievement of sexual fulfillment.  The laws of evolution and natural selection made certain of that.  Prehistoric humans born with little or no desire for sexual fulfillment simply died out (because blowing off sex (pardon the pun), they had no offspring).  On the other hand, those with a healthy libido which motivated them to jump from grass mat to grass mat mimicking rabbits, procreated like..well, rabbits!

Prehistoric humans also developed a barter system to trade things they owned for things they wanted.  Since females were not well-suited for hunting animals for food ( the world’s oldest profession), they were able to get the physically stronger and more aggressive males to provide for their basic survival needs, in return for keeping the males happy.  Thus was born the world’s second oldest profession:  Prostitution.

Throughout human history, females provided this service to needy males for a recompense of some sort, whether it was money, protection, basic human survival needs, (food, shelter, furs, jewelry, cosmetic surgery, etc.), or any combination thereof.  The fact that many of these “sex workers” as they came to be known, enjoyed the sex acts as much as (or more than) the men was a seldom mentioned fringe benefit of the job. But, because they were enjoying the fruits of their work several times a day, they were getting very good at providing expert service to their multiple clients.

Unfortunately, as these sex workers got better and better at their jobs, the rest of the female population consisting of far less experienced women found that their men were slowly losing interest in their less-than-expert skills.  Adding to that negative were men who fell in love with their client-specific expert sex worker, thus not being able to tolerate that their provider was also providing these joys to others.  Human jealousy was rearing its ugly head.

Additionally, there were always other humans around who somehow still carried the zero-libido gene, and who were perennially jealous of all the enjoyment others were experiencing.  Since they were spending far less time in bed than the rest of humanity, they had time to develop philosophies which branded as evil and demonic everything that felt good.  In other words, “if it feels good, it’s BAD!”  Thus, religious extremism was born, raining fire and brimstone down on everyone not libido-challenged.

When the other jealous women and men heard the “if it feels good, it’s BAD!” philosophy, they rallied around the libido-deficient, fire and brimstone throwing, hate- and fear-mongers.  Together, they tried to ban all sex except between married people, and only for procreation purposes.  That included mandating an end to pre-martial sex including masturbation, and all other non-procreation sexual activity of any kind, for any other reason.   Of course, sex with a sex worker was never about procreation, so prostitution was banned and especially on Sunday (literally!).

Imagine the shock and awe that the “if it feels good, it’s BAD!” bunch must have experienced when they discovered that all they did was to to drive sex workers out of their warm, controlled, safe, regulated “Houses” and into cold, dark alleys when they no longer could wash up after each encounter, and where they (and their clients, as well) were preyed upon by violent sociopaths who inhabited these selfsame dark alleys.  Imagine their dismay when the “’s BAD!” group realized that they hadn’t eliminated non-procreative sex at all, but had only driven it underground!

Thus it has been in the USA, where prostitution is illegal in all but one enlightened state, Nevada, which had the wisdom, as have many western European countries, to accept that it is not possible to deny human sexuality or the means to fulfill it.  Nevada allows tightly regulated brothels to operate.  These brothel comply with health standards.  The workers are in a safe environment as are their clients.  They pay taxes like any other business and workers.

Everywhere else in the USA, prostitution has been forced into those dark, violent alleys.  There’s no health requirement being met, and no taxes being collected.

Even Canada, our socially advanced neighbor to the north, was banning brothels until recently when a court overturned their 4 year old anti-brothel law, which the government claims was meant to protect sex workers…by banning regulated brothels and forcing the sex workers into dark alleys!??!?

None of these allegedly-meant-to-eliminate-prostitution laws have ever worked anywhere.  And while there are definitely some valid concerns about disease, children and unwitting immigrant adult women being sold into sexual slavery, all these stupid laws do is make the real problems worse.  And why?

It is a basic human axiom that when an activity is forced underground (where accountability is non-existent), the only result is an underground activity with no accountability.  Yet, people who keep advocating the same action, while expecting a different result, qualify, according to that great American patriot, Benjamin Franklin, as well as Albert Einstein, developer of both the Special theory of relativity, and the general theory of relativity as insane.

Thus, there is a choice:  Tie your wagon to a couple of the greatest geniuses the Earth has ever known, or follow the anti-masturbation Tea Party darling, Christine O’Donnell and her sponsor, Sarah Palin, on their road to “glory”.

Or follow the two guys that brought us both electricity and the entire Universe in all its glory.

Tough choice, huh?  🙂