SEX! Better Indoors, Outdoors, Or Supressed?

There are few things in life that are more impactful upon the human condition than the achievement of sexual fulfillment.  The laws of evolution and natural selection made certain of that.  Prehistoric humans born with little or no desire for sexual fulfillment simply died out (because blowing off sex (pardon the pun), they had no offspring).  On the other hand, those with a healthy libido which motivated them to jump from grass mat to grass mat mimicking rabbits, procreated like..well, rabbits!

Prehistoric humans also developed a barter system to trade things they owned for things they wanted.  Since females were not well-suited for hunting animals for food ( the world’s oldest profession), they were able to get the physically stronger and more aggressive males to provide for their basic survival needs, in return for keeping the males happy.  Thus was born the world’s second oldest profession:  Prostitution.

Throughout human history, females provided this service to needy males for a recompense of some sort, whether it was money, protection, basic human survival needs, (food, shelter, furs, jewelry, cosmetic surgery, etc.), or any combination thereof.  The fact that many of these “sex workers” as they came to be known, enjoyed the sex acts as much as (or more than) the men was a seldom mentioned fringe benefit of the job. But, because they were enjoying the fruits of their work several times a day, they were getting very good at providing expert service to their multiple clients.

Unfortunately, as these sex workers got better and better at their jobs, the rest of the female population consisting of far less experienced women found that their men were slowly losing interest in their less-than-expert skills.  Adding to that negative were men who fell in love with their client-specific expert sex worker, thus not being able to tolerate that their provider was also providing these joys to others.  Human jealousy was rearing its ugly head.

Additionally, there were always other humans around who somehow still carried the zero-libido gene, and who were perennially jealous of all the enjoyment others were experiencing.  Since they were spending far less time in bed than the rest of humanity, they had time to develop philosophies which branded as evil and demonic everything that felt good.  In other words, “if it feels good, it’s BAD!”  Thus, religious extremism was born, raining fire and brimstone down on everyone not libido-challenged.

When the other jealous women and men heard the “if it feels good, it’s BAD!” philosophy, they rallied around the libido-deficient, fire and brimstone throwing, hate- and fear-mongers.  Together, they tried to ban all sex except between married people, and only for procreation purposes.  That included mandating an end to pre-martial sex including masturbation, and all other non-procreation sexual activity of any kind, for any other reason.   Of course, sex with a sex worker was never about procreation, so prostitution was banned and especially on Sunday (literally!).

Imagine the shock and awe that the “if it feels good, it’s BAD!” bunch must have experienced when they discovered that all they did was to to drive sex workers out of their warm, controlled, safe, regulated “Houses” and into cold, dark alleys when they no longer could wash up after each encounter, and where they (and their clients, as well) were preyed upon by violent sociopaths who inhabited these selfsame dark alleys.  Imagine their dismay when the “’s BAD!” group realized that they hadn’t eliminated non-procreative sex at all, but had only driven it underground!

Thus it has been in the USA, where prostitution is illegal in all but one enlightened state, Nevada, which had the wisdom, as have many western European countries, to accept that it is not possible to deny human sexuality or the means to fulfill it.  Nevada allows tightly regulated brothels to operate.  These brothel comply with health standards.  The workers are in a safe environment as are their clients.  They pay taxes like any other business and workers.

Everywhere else in the USA, prostitution has been forced into those dark, violent alleys.  There’s no health requirement being met, and no taxes being collected.

Even Canada, our socially advanced neighbor to the north, was banning brothels until recently when a court overturned their 4 year old anti-brothel law, which the government claims was meant to protect sex workers…by banning regulated brothels and forcing the sex workers into dark alleys!??!?

None of these allegedly-meant-to-eliminate-prostitution laws have ever worked anywhere.  And while there are definitely some valid concerns about disease, children and unwitting immigrant adult women being sold into sexual slavery, all these stupid laws do is make the real problems worse.  And why?

It is a basic human axiom that when an activity is forced underground (where accountability is non-existent), the only result is an underground activity with no accountability.  Yet, people who keep advocating the same action, while expecting a different result, qualify, according to that great American patriot, Benjamin Franklin, as well as Albert Einstein, developer of both the Special theory of relativity, and the general theory of relativity as insane.

Thus, there is a choice:  Tie your wagon to a couple of the greatest geniuses the Earth has ever known, or follow the anti-masturbation Tea Party darling, Christine O’Donnell and her sponsor, Sarah Palin, on their road to “glory”.

Or follow the two guys that brought us both electricity and the entire Universe in all its glory.

Tough choice, huh?  🙂

Did a Witch’s Spell Cause The Blog To Be Delayed?

Because of the packing, loading and preparing for the trip back to paradise, the blog will resume next week.

Although every intention was for it to be written today, it seems a witch’s hex have been cast which may have compressed time.  if so, this has resulted in the inhuman sacrifice of this weeks blog, which coincidentally was set to explore Christine O’Donnell’s dabbling in witchcraft.

But when the hands on the clock began moving forward at warp speed and strange voices began emanating from a TV program where Karl Rove was discussing the very same subject;  And when the wind began blowing through the trees sounding like people alternately speaking in tongues while drinking really cheap wine and then chanting “Tea is me, me is tea!” while roasting donkey-shaped marshmallows, the only logical conclusion was that either a witch’s spell had been cast.  Either that,  or a bunch of drunken tea-baggers with  really bad taste in wines were sacrificing donkey-shaped marshmallows in an effort to summon up anti-Obama spirits.

Either way, time ran out.  Click on the above links, and then judge for yourself.

See you next week (unless a spell stops time completely on the drive this weekend).

Yesterday’s Tea Party Wins: The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Last night our political darling Sarah Palin and her band of loonies savored sweet victory in the GOP primary election victories in New York, New Hampshire and particularly Delaware, where all eyes where on the race between the moderate republican U.S. Representative Mike Castle and Tea Party activist, pro-abstinence, anti-masturbationist, anti-abortionist, pro-creationism, bible-thumping, bill-defaulting Christine O’Donnell.

In New York, conservative Carl Paladino defeated the more moderate Rick Lazio in the Republican New York gubernatorial primary.  Of note is the fact that Paladino was endorsed by Sarah Palin and heavily supported by the Tea Party.  He will face the popular democrat Andrew Cuomo in November.  That’s important, as you’ll see.

Next, New Hampshire, where the more moderate republican Kelly Ayotte defeated the more conservative Ovide Lamontagne in the New Hampshire GOP senate primary.  The Tea Party endorsed Lamontagne and supported him, but Sarah Palin broke ranks with them by endorsing Ayotte, whom she called a “Granite Grizzly,” and the “true conservative running for the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire.”

New Hampshire’s demographics swing wildly from liberal to extremely conservative the farther one travels north away from neighboring Massachusetts, and particularly that bastion of liberal thought, the greater Boston area.  Significantly, many believed that an ultra-right-wing conservative such as Lamontagne would have a tough time defeating a democrat in the November elections.  While the Tea Party ignores such facts, evidently Sarah saw the handwriting on the wall and supported Ayotte.

This was not the case in Delaware, where political pundits were touting the O’Donnell-Castle race as a real test of both Tea Party strength and ultra-conservative voter backlash.  O’Donnell won a clear victory with 53% of the vote vs. Castle’s 47%.  The establishment GOP strongly backed Castle, airing political ads against O’Donnell that one might have thought were written by Al Qaeda.  And even Karl Rove, the GOP strategist who engineered the selling of GW Bush in two presidential elections, is lamenting O’Donnell’s surprise victory in Delaware, calling it “a shame”.

Meanwhile, the democrats, who have recently received little or no good news, whose marketing skills have been either poor or nonexistent, and whom were believing that the artful-at-selling-snake-oil GOP might actually win enough seats to take over the US House of Representatives in the November mid-term elections (and maybe even the US Senate!), are breathing a joyful sigh of relief today.  The republican primaries victories of Tea-Party-and/or-Sarah-Palin supported candidates have actually made it much easier  for the democratic candidate to win support among independent and even some moderate republicans.  Had the moderate republican prevailed, many more independents and virtually all of the moderate republicans would have stayed put on the republican side of the equation.  And the reasons?

The Tea Party has at times been shown to tolerate racist views and racist outbursts by members of their movement.  They go around loudly thumping their bibles, supporting religion in government,  and opposing gay rights, abortion rights, foreigners, unions, sex before marriage which evidently includes masturbation, and the elimination of almost all social programs in the USA, including social security, medicare, child school lunch programs and the like.

While the mainstream GOP has tried to market itself as the party of less government and lower taxes, their walk certainly didn’t resemble their talk during the Bush administration.  The Tea Party latched onto that fact like a piranha onto flesh, and the battle between GOP mainstream and GOP fringe began.  Thus, experts are predicting that the GOP task in attempting to regain control of Congress will be that much tougher because of these victories.

The democrats must be licking their chops and breathing huge sighs of relief.  Swing states with Senate elections this November that appeared to be leaning republican may now stay in the democratic corner after all because of the view moderate voters generally have of fringe candidates.  And the tea party may have to finally get a grip on the reality that they represent only a small minority of all voters.

That will only happen, though, IF the democrats can get a grip first, get cohesive, get a good strategic plan to get the moderate voters out on election day, and get very, very careful when publicly marketing themselves.  They also have to keep a close eye on the Tea Party’s plans, actions and movements.

The loonies really believe that they have the national momentum to win in November, showing off the emperor’s new clothes, as it were.  That’s something the democrats have been doubting about themselves.  And a lot can happen in the 50+ days before those mid-term election roll around.

For now, though…the democrats can bask in the brilliance of the weird, twisted light coming from the lunatic fringe lantern of these Tea Party victories.  But only for now.

Because starting next week, they better whip up their marketing…and fighting.  Now, at least, they actually have a chance.

If they do it right, they can show everyone that the emperor is really just another butt-naked, big, fat emperor-wanna-be.

Lunatic Ultra-Extremism: American As Apple Pie?

The USA has always touted itself as a melting-pot nation that is governed by perhaps the most dynamic document of governance every written:  the US Constitution.  This magnificent government charter defines in its Bill of Rights, among other things, the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  Over the past 220 or so years, the US Supreme Court has defined and interpreted the constitution.

Specifically, the Supreme Court makes rulings that become case law.  In the case of the Bill of Rights First Amendment freedom of speech, the case law has established that this right extends to all manner of human expression, i.e., art, photography, posters & placards, plays, movies, billboards, etc.  However, additional case law established that slander, libel, and the promotion of violent overthrow of government do not enjoy this constitutional protection.

The same is true regarding the First Amendment right to freedom of religion.  Supreme Court case law over the years has clearly established that government shall not use public funding to either support or deny this freedom to its citizens.

It is a truism of the human condition that for every law, right, rule and regulation, some folks will attempt to find a way to twist it into a perversion of its intent.  This is often done for the sole purpose of rationalizing some weird, emotion-based, illogic that supports their personal agenda.  Such is the case of Reverend Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida, USA.

Jones recently announced that he and his tiny flock of perhaps 50 practitioners will burn at least 200 Qurans, the Muslim Holy Book or bible, in a hateful act against the Islamic faith on September 11, 2010, the 9th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks by Al-Qaeda on the twin towers in New York City.   He claims that this message must be sent, even though he admits that this message will be extremely offensive to all Muslims everywhere.  But he still expects “moderate” Muslim to remain “moderate”.

Spoken like the true megalomaniac that he seems to be.

Jones’ proposed act of atrocity has received almost universal condemnation from around the USA and the world.  In a rare demonstration of unity, leaders of diverse religions have protested Jones’ plan.  Government leaders, including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have made it clear that Jones’ planned burning of the Quran is a hateful act that does not in any way represent the policies of the USA.  Amazingly, this gun-toting redneck reverend has in a very short time gotten much of the world to hate him and his perverted, twisted, warped version of “Christian righteousness”.

Jones is not the first lunatic-fringe-“Christian”-evangelical fanatic to be born and bred in the USA.  There is a very long history of religious fundamentalists acting in hateful, cruel, brutal and violent ways to achieve their psychotic goals of domination of the common folk.  For instance, the famous novel, “The Scarlet Letter” defines the church-influenced local government’s punishment of a woman who committed adultery in the 1600’s.  And who hasn’t heard about the witch trials and hangings in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1690’s?

Much more recently, the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas has demonstrated the same level of atrocious beliefs and actions.  Their extreme hated of homosexuality and its tolerance in the USA has inspired them to protest at the burials of US soldiers killed in Iraq, carrying signs that display such heinous statements as “God is glad your son died!” and other brutally insensitive messages.

Kids recruited by Westboro Bapist Church to carry posters of hatred

It’s shocking how one group of people can use organized religion to justify hatred, brutality, violence and death against a different group of people, claiming all the while that “God is on our side”, or “we’re living by the bible”, or “we’re doing God’s work”.

But worse still is the realization that so many people in this country still don’t really espouse the right of a different group to practice the religion of their choice and to do so free from hatred or threats of violence, or both.

The proposed mosque two blocks from “ground zero” in New York is an example of how people tend to lump all members of an organized religion together based upon the actions of a small number of lunatics.  Just imagine if that happened to all members of a religion that once tortured people into false confessions, or burned them to death for being witches, or has recently sexually abused children.  How do you think THAT would go over??

And think about this:  Why are almost organized inhuman actions against humans perpetrated by members of some organized fundamentalist extremist religion?

And why is it that the more fundamentalist and extremist these groups are, the more they use hatred and intolerance as their motivators?

Either humans were not created in any deity’s image, or if they were, then that deity is in severe need of sensitivity training.

Lackluster Democrats Are In Trouble

President Barack Obama is a great public speaker.  He can always make a ho-hum speech sound interesting and important.  Anyone listening last night to his speech on the end of the US combat mission in Iraq would probably agree.

This speech was not up to the usual excitement generated when Obama was campaigning back in 2008.  The first half of the speech was, in a word, flaccid.  The president mentioned his predecessor, G. W. Bush, without passion or prejudice, and briefly described the seven-year Iraqi war, including the dedication of US troops.

The second half of the speech was a just a little better.  Obama mentioned the problems here at home:  recession, high unemployment, and the huge national debt.  And he actually complimented his predecessor as a patriot.  He mentioned the threats that still remain in both Iraq and to a larger extent, Afghanistan.

To his credit, Obama pointed out that American military might alone cannot defeat terrorism and rogue states.  He also attempted to tie the US’s success in these areas with both the well-being of the US economy and unity at home.  While he is absolutely correct, he probably came across to many of his detractors as an intellectual elitist lecturer, much as a professor lectures a classroom of students.

Clearly, this was a mostly ceremonial speech about the end of dedicated US combat operations in Iraq, and was therefore not designed to be very exciting.  But the democrats need every moment of press exposure to be exciting to shore up their public support, and it wasn’t.  That’s an increasingly persistent problem for this administration.

Worse, heaping bad news onto more bad news, according to the latest Gallup poll, more Americans now believe republicans could do better addressing a bunch of issues than the democrats have demonstrated they can do so far (the poll summary can be found HERE.  Highlights of the poll:

GOP Dems

Terrorism:               55% to 31%

Immigration:           50% to 35%

Federal spending:   50% to 35%

The economy:         49% to 38%

Afghanistan:           45% to 38 %

Jobs:                        46% to 41%

Gov’t Corruption:  38% to 35%

The only areas that democrats lead over the republicans are health care and the environment.  But neither one of these are “make or break” like the economy, and specifically, jobs.

It is a political axiom that people vote their pocketbook.  If people can pay their bills and put food on the table, then much of the other stuff just falls into areas of mild to moderate interest.  But if people are unemployed or underemployed, the party in power is in political trouble.

Of course, the democrats are not responsible for the recession or even the persistent unemployment that they inherited from the Bush years when they took over in January 2009.  And even though the House of Representatives passed into democratic control in 2006, there was still a republican senate and republican president and administration.

But people have short memories.  They’re only concerned with “now”.  Prodded by the GOP, they’re asking what action by the Obama administration has been successful in reducing the unemployment rate over the past 18 months.  The fact that many jobs have actually been created during that time doesn’t offset the fact that Joe Citizen can’t get a job now.

It simply doesn’t matter that the current administration has probably done everything humanly possible to end the job hemorrhage .  What matters is the message that the American people are hearing from the GOP, over and over and over, and believing to be true.  In this area, the GOP excels in getting its message out, which is, essentially:

“The recession is the democrat’s fault.  Their policies over the past 18 months have caused the budget deficit and have just made conditions worse and worse.  We, the GOP, the party of fiscal responsibility, know how to reign in the federal deficit and the national debt.  Give use the chance and we’ll fix EVERYTHING!”

Hey, GOP, wait one minute!!  Where the hell were you during the past eight years, when a federal budget surplus was turned into a whooping annual deficit within the very first year of the Bush administration?  Where were you during Bush’s last budget submission that brought the federal deficit up to over $1.2 trillion??

And the answer is:  Who cares??

Wanna know why??

In court, it doesn’t matter what you believe…it only matters what you can prove.  But in politics…it doesn’t matter what you can prove;  it only matters you believe or can make others believe.

As long as the democrats keep doing what they’re doing and as long as the republicans keep doing what they’re doing, the the handwriting on the wall says the democrats stand an excellent chance of losing at least one house of congress to the republicans on midterm election day, November 2nd, 2010.

What the democrats desperately need right way is a public relations expert to orchestrate their up-coming campaign.

Regretfully….they need Karl Rove.