An Open Letter to Obama Haters

News has just broken that much of the Arizona anti-immigration law has just been blocked by a temporary injunction granted in federal court. 

Surely, the conservative forces in both Arizona and the rest of the USA are going to be up-in-arms over this legal action.  They’re going to blame the Obama administration, and particularly president Obama himself, for favoring illegal immigration over the good and well-being of native born American citizens.

In fact, one can almost hear the outraged screaming calls for impeachment beginning to emanate from the depths of the tea party and other bastions of ultra-conservative dogma.

Thus, it seems a perfect time to share the following very timely letter recently received by We, the People!!

This is for all those who love to hate, who think the constitution is optional, and who want to regress to the ideals of the Confederacy:

Here is a news flash for all the Obama-hating reality deniers out there:  You are entitled to dissent if you wish, but you still need to come to grips with some very stubborn facts:

Barack Obama was freely elected by the people of this country.   He was born in the United States.   He is not a closet Muslim who hates America and wishes it to fail.  He does not hate white people.  He is not the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler or Chairman Mao, as much as you might like to convince us otherwise.

He does not “pal around with terrorists”, nor does he plan to establish his own private army and set up internment camps.   He does not seek to indoctrinate our children into some foreign “ism.”  He is not interested in disarming us.

His health care program does not include death panels.  His ideas to get this nation back on course are not Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and/or Nazism all rolled up into one. If you insist upon believing otherwise, then get a dictionary and learn the definitions of the words that you so casually throw about.

You are not surrounded by enemies who lie and seek to destroy you, nor does the mainstream media deliberately wish to deceive you, regardless of what you hear on Fox news.   Fox News has an agenda and it is anything but fair and balanced.

Environmentalists do not want to take away your jobs, nor are they the ones responsible for environmental damages.   They do not have a secret wish to establish a Marxist economy.

Don’t expect some Divine Being to rain blessings down on this country no matter how many wars you start and how much torture you practice, simply because you oppose gay marriage.  Gays are not a threat to this country, nor are they a threat to your marriage.  And they really don’t want to secretly marry their French poodles.

But widespread divorce is a major problem because of its effects on children. So where is your constitutional amendment prohibiting that?

Regulating the excesses and abuses of unbridled capitalism is not the same as destroying it.   For that matter, a slight reduction in our $533 billion dollar a year military budget does not leave us “naked and unprotected” as much as you might think otherwise.

The solution to every problem is not ensuring the rich have more money.  And if you are a middle class family, Obama has not raised your taxes.   Net income after taxes of $250,000 a year is not “struggling middle class.”

Please don’t try to sell that Republicans were bi-partisan when Democrats voted with a Republican President, but that it’s Democrats who are partisan now that Republicans refuse to vote with a Democratic President.   Save that kind of warped logic for a game of “Twister!”

If you wish to promote a religious belief that justifies war, torture, and feeding the rich, don’t call it Christianity.

The universe is a bit more than 6000 years old. But if you still want to believe the 6000-year figure, please keep it to yourself.   Don’t foist these garbage fantasies on our school children under the false guise of “science”.   In fact, it doesn’t even belong with tales of Jack-and-the-Beanstalk.

Your continual fanning of the fires of racial animosity, your sense that “you’ve been done wrong,” and your paranoid belief that some foreign entity is taking your country away, makes as much sense as your former fear of Social Security, Medicare and fluoride in the water.

Demonizing those who disagree with you ass unamerican and/or unpatriotic is a will-established practice within the long history of your party. So is the practice of creating, justifying, spreading and eagerly embracing the most outrageous, unfounded lies.  These premeditated fabrications are engineered to foment hate and fear, and they are ripping this country apart.  Stop waving the flag while thinking that you are the only true patriots.

Many of you claim to be religious Christians.  You really ought to read your bible a little more carefully, particularly the parts about bearing false witness, killing, and returning hatred with love.  Stop twisting the words to support your own agenda.

We never thought Barack Obama was a Messiah, as you half-mockingly claim.   He was fairly elected and he is attempting to do the very best he can in very difficult situations that he did not create.  Although he has made some mistakes, your obstructionism and negativity isn’t helping this country one bit.

Yes, he is president. And yes, he is an African-American.

So what?

Get over it.

Signed by Secret Sam

It’s been suggested that the Obama administration needs a “Karl Rove” type of political director to counter all the lies being generated from the other side.  Perhaps they should interview Secret Sam.