GOP Secret Rule #6: Don’t Do Research, Just Lie

One similarity among political pundits is that they all are have their political base of supporters.  These supporters essentially believe anything their favorite pundit says or writes, and that’s good enough for the pundit making the statement, regardless of its veracity.  The pundits know that their supporters will defend them, regardless of how many made-up “facts” they use to suit their agenda.

Even when called on the carpet by such fact-checking organizations at Politifact com and others including newspaper editorialists and the like, these fabricators will do the minimum necessary toward admitting a “mistake”, assuming they even respond to inquiries from the fact-checkers.

For some reason, it seems that the conservative pundits are the ones doing the most fabricating.  The fact is clearly observed by the ratio of conservatives  vs. liberals who make statements researched by Politifact and determined to be either “barely true“, “false“, or the most dramatic category, a  “PANTS ON FIRE!” bold-faced lie.  This does not mean that some liberal folks don’t get occasionally caught misrepresenting the truth, but the clear predominance of right-wingers is obvious, particularly in the PANTS ON FIRE! category.

It’s a well known fact that conservative talk radio (or perhaps more accurately, hate-radio) hosts take a lot of liberties with the truth.  Of course, once they reach national prominence, they have their followers to which they can say anything.  Their supporters will buy it, and then repeat it as if it was fact.

Take the case of Mark Williams, who has called all Muslims terrorists, called Allah a “monkey god”, called President Obama a Muslim, a racist and a Nazi, and most recently, took on the NAACP over that organization’s resolution calling upon the Tea Party movement to clearly reject racism.

Ol’ Mark fired off blogs claiming it was the NAACP that was not only racist, but was holding back African Americans.  The GOP, to its credit, ultimately rejected Williams’ claims.  The Tea Party expelled him as the leader of the “Tea Party Express” after Williams published an admittedly fabricated letter, supposedly from the president of the NAACP to President Lincoln rejecting full freedom from slavery for African-Americans during the civil war.  Williams has since removed the offending letter and he even wrote a tongue-in-cheek apology, but could not resist demonstrating his racist nature at the end of the letter when he wrote:

“I would suggest to those offended by the term “Colored People” (the phrase that made my article so controversial) please contact the national Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and join me in calling for an end to this racial slur”.

There’s plenty to demonstrate that Ol’ Mark has no use for real facts, such as the reality that the NAACP was founded in 1909 when use of the phrase “colored” was considered the term of respect.  But maybe he just didn’t have the time to do even the most rudimentary research.  Like checking on Google.

Then there’s Sarah Palin, who recently made statements demonstrating her continuing lack of knowledge and/or research skill by claiming that Kodiak Island in her home state of Alaska is the biggest island in the USA, a falsehood which pissed off the Hawaiians, who REALLY have the biggest island (check it out HERE)…or her making up words that don’t exist and then comparing herself to William Shakespeare (which is located HERE).  Of course, Sarah has her following, too, and those folks aren’t going to let little things like lack of knowledge and research skills get in the way of their goddess-worship.

It’s not just folks of national recognition that are doing this kind of thing, either.  It has to start somewhere.  After all, they were all “nobodies” before they became “somebodies”.

Take, for instance, a small-time hate-radio talk show host on a piddly little ultra-right-wing radio station in a tiny little state that one can drive across diagonally in 45 minutes:  Rhode Island, USA.

This ultra-conservative host has for 5 years been banging away at all fashion of liberal person and idea, has spewed hatred against undocumented workers, and has labeled people and places to suit her conservative agenda.  But she was recently called on the carpet, not only by Politifact, which called her”uniformed” but by an article in the state’s primary newspaper, the Providence Journal, that actually took the time to write about it.

This kind of bull tripe is everywhere, and that since most of the perpetrators and their followers are conservative (or, more likely, ULTRA-conservative), it’s logical to conclude that the GOP must actually have a secret rule in their political playbook promoting the raping of factual data.

It’s pretty effective, too, as long some people are too lazy or too stupid or too programmed to do their own fact-checking.   These pundits will continue to manipulate and fabricate data and then feed this garbage to their worshipers. Those, in turn, will feed it to their equally lazy and/or stupid friends.

Before you know it, they’ll all be have the Earth declared flat, because the circular-Earth concept is clearly a godless democratic plot to make everyone dizzy so they’ll need health care, and then the “death panels” will decide who lives and who dies..