The Blog is BACK!! “Enhanced” Sarah Palin Running For President!

Former 2008 GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has made watching Sarah-watching a genuine joy of surprises and colorful moves since the GOP lost that presidential election.

First she resigned as governor of Alaska with eighteen months still left in her term.  Then she announced a book deal in which she made millions.  This was followed with her increasing activity with the Tea Party Movement that considers her to have a golden touch and really wants her to rule the universe.

And from time to time since the election, Sarah gave interviews which often backfired because of her limited knowledge of many important subjects in politics, such as foreign policy, domestic policy, defense, economics, taxes, etc.  But she never absolutely affirmed that she was going to run for president in 2012.

In fact, the mainstream GOP leadership is hoping that she won’t run because they realize that she only carries support from the most radical conservative right-wing portion of the GOP, and that the moderates and independents still have a negative view of her. This is clearly evidenced by multiple polling available at HERE.

Still, Sarah has moved forward, increasing both her visibility and the amount of money in her war chest.  In June of this year, she actually came into the spotlight when it was suspected none other than Fox news that she had breast augmentation surgery, as evidently seen in these photos:


and in this Fox New broadcast:

which, of course, has keep her continuously visible in the media, while the other potential GOP candidates such as Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and others struggle for publicity to stay in the public consciousness.  It’s really not important if Sarah got her breasts enhanced.  But drawing attention to her breasts is a very strategic move on her part, or more likely, on the part of her staff’s public relations experts, because it has caused the media to stand up and take notice, as it were.  🙂

The more significant fact, however, is the recent revelation by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that Sarah has raised almost US$1 million in the past three months alone.  That’s a hell of a lot of money raised by someone who seemingly isn’t running for anything, such as, for instance, the GOP presidential-nomination-hopeful for 2012.  And adding fuel to that fire is that much of that money has gone to hire more staff so that she become more knowledge-“enhanced” about all the political subjects she has flubbed in the past.  A report of her PAC’s income vs. outlay is reported HERE.

Interestingly, her once-future-son-in-law Levi Johnston was engaged to Sarah’s oldest daughter Bristol during the 2008 presidential campaign.  They broke up over a year ago after he fathered Sarah’s grandchild.  Sarah and Levi had been feuding pretty publicly since then.  All of a sudden out of nowhere came a written apology from Levi to Sarah which you can read HERE.  This has been reinforced within the last 24 hours by the report that Levi and Bristol have just gotten re-engaged!

It sure seems to add up to a concerted effort by Sarah and her staff of paid experts to erase Sarah’s past issues and build support in preparation for her run for the highest office in the USA.  And in fairness, it’s a pretty effective effort.

But one factor that is probably going to haunt Sarah is an issue for which no one in the GOP seems to have either the political or economic power to influence in any way.  That is Sarah’s intimate connection to the Tea Party movement with its negative effect on the mainstream GOP.  The Tea Party has come under increasingly intense fire from many sides, including independents, mainstream republicans and almost all democrats.  Much of it is fired by the Tea Party’s silent (and thus tacit) tolerance of racial attitudes and actions by some of its members, as well as its loud intolerance of any ideas that they personally do not embrace.

In fact, the National Association for the Advance of Colored People (NAACP) is proposing a resolution against the Tea Party’s “rampant racism” at its on-going national convention in Kansas City, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations last week went after Tea Party Express organizer Mark Williams for his racist statements about Allah being a “monkey god” and calling Muslims the “animals of Allah”.

Unfortunately for Sarah, she has already embraced the Tea Party movement as it she gave birth to all its members.

It’s going to take considerable effort on Sarah’s part (or more accurately, a gargantuan effort on the part of her newly hired expert staff!) to somehow separate her from her previous support for the Tea Party and from her friends and supporters in the Tea Party.  She will have to do so without alienating them, or even worse, appearing to be “full of it” as she slithers away from this cult.

It’s certainly not clear if such a task is even possible.  But if she and her highly-paid staff can pull it off, then her race to the white house might seem like a cakewalk for her, in comparison.

Yeah.  In her dreams.