An Open Letter to Obama Haters

News has just broken that much of the Arizona anti-immigration law has just been blocked by a temporary injunction granted in federal court. 

Surely, the conservative forces in both Arizona and the rest of the USA are going to be up-in-arms over this legal action.  They’re going to blame the Obama administration, and particularly president Obama himself, for favoring illegal immigration over the good and well-being of native born American citizens.

In fact, one can almost hear the outraged screaming calls for impeachment beginning to emanate from the depths of the tea party and other bastions of ultra-conservative dogma.

Thus, it seems a perfect time to share the following very timely letter recently received by We, the People!!

This is for all those who love to hate, who think the constitution is optional, and who want to regress to the ideals of the Confederacy:

Here is a news flash for all the Obama-hating reality deniers out there:  You are entitled to dissent if you wish, but you still need to come to grips with some very stubborn facts:

Barack Obama was freely elected by the people of this country.   He was born in the United States.   He is not a closet Muslim who hates America and wishes it to fail.  He does not hate white people.  He is not the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler or Chairman Mao, as much as you might like to convince us otherwise.

He does not “pal around with terrorists”, nor does he plan to establish his own private army and set up internment camps.   He does not seek to indoctrinate our children into some foreign “ism.”  He is not interested in disarming us.

His health care program does not include death panels.  His ideas to get this nation back on course are not Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and/or Nazism all rolled up into one. If you insist upon believing otherwise, then get a dictionary and learn the definitions of the words that you so casually throw about.

You are not surrounded by enemies who lie and seek to destroy you, nor does the mainstream media deliberately wish to deceive you, regardless of what you hear on Fox news.   Fox News has an agenda and it is anything but fair and balanced.

Environmentalists do not want to take away your jobs, nor are they the ones responsible for environmental damages.   They do not have a secret wish to establish a Marxist economy.

Don’t expect some Divine Being to rain blessings down on this country no matter how many wars you start and how much torture you practice, simply because you oppose gay marriage.  Gays are not a threat to this country, nor are they a threat to your marriage.  And they really don’t want to secretly marry their French poodles.

But widespread divorce is a major problem because of its effects on children. So where is your constitutional amendment prohibiting that?

Regulating the excesses and abuses of unbridled capitalism is not the same as destroying it.   For that matter, a slight reduction in our $533 billion dollar a year military budget does not leave us “naked and unprotected” as much as you might think otherwise.

The solution to every problem is not ensuring the rich have more money.  And if you are a middle class family, Obama has not raised your taxes.   Net income after taxes of $250,000 a year is not “struggling middle class.”

Please don’t try to sell that Republicans were bi-partisan when Democrats voted with a Republican President, but that it’s Democrats who are partisan now that Republicans refuse to vote with a Democratic President.   Save that kind of warped logic for a game of “Twister!”

If you wish to promote a religious belief that justifies war, torture, and feeding the rich, don’t call it Christianity.

The universe is a bit more than 6000 years old. But if you still want to believe the 6000-year figure, please keep it to yourself.   Don’t foist these garbage fantasies on our school children under the false guise of “science”.   In fact, it doesn’t even belong with tales of Jack-and-the-Beanstalk.

Your continual fanning of the fires of racial animosity, your sense that “you’ve been done wrong,” and your paranoid belief that some foreign entity is taking your country away, makes as much sense as your former fear of Social Security, Medicare and fluoride in the water.

Demonizing those who disagree with you ass unamerican and/or unpatriotic is a will-established practice within the long history of your party. So is the practice of creating, justifying, spreading and eagerly embracing the most outrageous, unfounded lies.  These premeditated fabrications are engineered to foment hate and fear, and they are ripping this country apart.  Stop waving the flag while thinking that you are the only true patriots.

Many of you claim to be religious Christians.  You really ought to read your bible a little more carefully, particularly the parts about bearing false witness, killing, and returning hatred with love.  Stop twisting the words to support your own agenda.

We never thought Barack Obama was a Messiah, as you half-mockingly claim.   He was fairly elected and he is attempting to do the very best he can in very difficult situations that he did not create.  Although he has made some mistakes, your obstructionism and negativity isn’t helping this country one bit.

Yes, he is president. And yes, he is an African-American.

So what?

Get over it.

Signed by Secret Sam

It’s been suggested that the Obama administration needs a “Karl Rove” type of political director to counter all the lies being generated from the other side.  Perhaps they should interview Secret Sam.

GOP Secret Rule #6: Don’t Do Research, Just Lie

One similarity among political pundits is that they all are have their political base of supporters.  These supporters essentially believe anything their favorite pundit says or writes, and that’s good enough for the pundit making the statement, regardless of its veracity.  The pundits know that their supporters will defend them, regardless of how many made-up “facts” they use to suit their agenda.

Even when called on the carpet by such fact-checking organizations at Politifact com and others including newspaper editorialists and the like, these fabricators will do the minimum necessary toward admitting a “mistake”, assuming they even respond to inquiries from the fact-checkers.

For some reason, it seems that the conservative pundits are the ones doing the most fabricating.  The fact is clearly observed by the ratio of conservatives  vs. liberals who make statements researched by Politifact and determined to be either “barely true“, “false“, or the most dramatic category, a  “PANTS ON FIRE!” bold-faced lie.  This does not mean that some liberal folks don’t get occasionally caught misrepresenting the truth, but the clear predominance of right-wingers is obvious, particularly in the PANTS ON FIRE! category.

It’s a well known fact that conservative talk radio (or perhaps more accurately, hate-radio) hosts take a lot of liberties with the truth.  Of course, once they reach national prominence, they have their followers to which they can say anything.  Their supporters will buy it, and then repeat it as if it was fact.

Take the case of Mark Williams, who has called all Muslims terrorists, called Allah a “monkey god”, called President Obama a Muslim, a racist and a Nazi, and most recently, took on the NAACP over that organization’s resolution calling upon the Tea Party movement to clearly reject racism.

Ol’ Mark fired off blogs claiming it was the NAACP that was not only racist, but was holding back African Americans.  The GOP, to its credit, ultimately rejected Williams’ claims.  The Tea Party expelled him as the leader of the “Tea Party Express” after Williams published an admittedly fabricated letter, supposedly from the president of the NAACP to President Lincoln rejecting full freedom from slavery for African-Americans during the civil war.  Williams has since removed the offending letter and he even wrote a tongue-in-cheek apology, but could not resist demonstrating his racist nature at the end of the letter when he wrote:

“I would suggest to those offended by the term “Colored People” (the phrase that made my article so controversial) please contact the national Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and join me in calling for an end to this racial slur”.

There’s plenty to demonstrate that Ol’ Mark has no use for real facts, such as the reality that the NAACP was founded in 1909 when use of the phrase “colored” was considered the term of respect.  But maybe he just didn’t have the time to do even the most rudimentary research.  Like checking on Google.

Then there’s Sarah Palin, who recently made statements demonstrating her continuing lack of knowledge and/or research skill by claiming that Kodiak Island in her home state of Alaska is the biggest island in the USA, a falsehood which pissed off the Hawaiians, who REALLY have the biggest island (check it out HERE)…or her making up words that don’t exist and then comparing herself to William Shakespeare (which is located HERE).  Of course, Sarah has her following, too, and those folks aren’t going to let little things like lack of knowledge and research skills get in the way of their goddess-worship.

It’s not just folks of national recognition that are doing this kind of thing, either.  It has to start somewhere.  After all, they were all “nobodies” before they became “somebodies”.

Take, for instance, a small-time hate-radio talk show host on a piddly little ultra-right-wing radio station in a tiny little state that one can drive across diagonally in 45 minutes:  Rhode Island, USA.

This ultra-conservative host has for 5 years been banging away at all fashion of liberal person and idea, has spewed hatred against undocumented workers, and has labeled people and places to suit her conservative agenda.  But she was recently called on the carpet, not only by Politifact, which called her”uniformed” but by an article in the state’s primary newspaper, the Providence Journal, that actually took the time to write about it.

This kind of bull tripe is everywhere, and that since most of the perpetrators and their followers are conservative (or, more likely, ULTRA-conservative), it’s logical to conclude that the GOP must actually have a secret rule in their political playbook promoting the raping of factual data.

It’s pretty effective, too, as long some people are too lazy or too stupid or too programmed to do their own fact-checking.   These pundits will continue to manipulate and fabricate data and then feed this garbage to their worshipers. Those, in turn, will feed it to their equally lazy and/or stupid friends.

Before you know it, they’ll all be have the Earth declared flat, because the circular-Earth concept is clearly a godless democratic plot to make everyone dizzy so they’ll need health care, and then the “death panels” will decide who lives and who dies..

The Blog is BACK!! “Enhanced” Sarah Palin Running For President!

Former 2008 GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has made watching Sarah-watching a genuine joy of surprises and colorful moves since the GOP lost that presidential election.

First she resigned as governor of Alaska with eighteen months still left in her term.  Then she announced a book deal in which she made millions.  This was followed with her increasing activity with the Tea Party Movement that considers her to have a golden touch and really wants her to rule the universe.

And from time to time since the election, Sarah gave interviews which often backfired because of her limited knowledge of many important subjects in politics, such as foreign policy, domestic policy, defense, economics, taxes, etc.  But she never absolutely affirmed that she was going to run for president in 2012.

In fact, the mainstream GOP leadership is hoping that she won’t run because they realize that she only carries support from the most radical conservative right-wing portion of the GOP, and that the moderates and independents still have a negative view of her. This is clearly evidenced by multiple polling available at HERE.

Still, Sarah has moved forward, increasing both her visibility and the amount of money in her war chest.  In June of this year, she actually came into the spotlight when it was suspected none other than Fox news that she had breast augmentation surgery, as evidently seen in these photos:


and in this Fox New broadcast:

which, of course, has keep her continuously visible in the media, while the other potential GOP candidates such as Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and others struggle for publicity to stay in the public consciousness.  It’s really not important if Sarah got her breasts enhanced.  But drawing attention to her breasts is a very strategic move on her part, or more likely, on the part of her staff’s public relations experts, because it has caused the media to stand up and take notice, as it were.  🙂

The more significant fact, however, is the recent revelation by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that Sarah has raised almost US$1 million in the past three months alone.  That’s a hell of a lot of money raised by someone who seemingly isn’t running for anything, such as, for instance, the GOP presidential-nomination-hopeful for 2012.  And adding fuel to that fire is that much of that money has gone to hire more staff so that she become more knowledge-“enhanced” about all the political subjects she has flubbed in the past.  A report of her PAC’s income vs. outlay is reported HERE.

Interestingly, her once-future-son-in-law Levi Johnston was engaged to Sarah’s oldest daughter Bristol during the 2008 presidential campaign.  They broke up over a year ago after he fathered Sarah’s grandchild.  Sarah and Levi had been feuding pretty publicly since then.  All of a sudden out of nowhere came a written apology from Levi to Sarah which you can read HERE.  This has been reinforced within the last 24 hours by the report that Levi and Bristol have just gotten re-engaged!

It sure seems to add up to a concerted effort by Sarah and her staff of paid experts to erase Sarah’s past issues and build support in preparation for her run for the highest office in the USA.  And in fairness, it’s a pretty effective effort.

But one factor that is probably going to haunt Sarah is an issue for which no one in the GOP seems to have either the political or economic power to influence in any way.  That is Sarah’s intimate connection to the Tea Party movement with its negative effect on the mainstream GOP.  The Tea Party has come under increasingly intense fire from many sides, including independents, mainstream republicans and almost all democrats.  Much of it is fired by the Tea Party’s silent (and thus tacit) tolerance of racial attitudes and actions by some of its members, as well as its loud intolerance of any ideas that they personally do not embrace.

In fact, the National Association for the Advance of Colored People (NAACP) is proposing a resolution against the Tea Party’s “rampant racism” at its on-going national convention in Kansas City, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations last week went after Tea Party Express organizer Mark Williams for his racist statements about Allah being a “monkey god” and calling Muslims the “animals of Allah”.

Unfortunately for Sarah, she has already embraced the Tea Party movement as it she gave birth to all its members.

It’s going to take considerable effort on Sarah’s part (or more accurately, a gargantuan effort on the part of her newly hired expert staff!) to somehow separate her from her previous support for the Tea Party and from her friends and supporters in the Tea Party.  She will have to do so without alienating them, or even worse, appearing to be “full of it” as she slithers away from this cult.

It’s certainly not clear if such a task is even possible.  But if she and her highly-paid staff can pull it off, then her race to the white house might seem like a cakewalk for her, in comparison.

Yeah.  In her dreams.

Kill for Peace! Have Sex for Virginity! Don’t Retire for War!

Ohio republican congressman John Boehner is the US House of Representatives minority leader.  If the GOP gains a majority of seats in the Fall mid-term election, Boehner will probably become Speaker of the House, a position of leadership now held by democratic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

So it is no surprise that Boehner is campaigning to throw the democrats out of congress by stealing the spotlight to showcase himself.  And he did just that in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Boehner made two of his agenda items clear.  He first suggested that the war in Afghanistan is highest priority activity that the US government is engaged in, and as a result it must be well funded, presumably with unlimited resources.

He then made it clear that he favors raising the Social Security minimum retirement age to 70 as a cost-reduction measure.

Obviously, Boehner and many of his fellow GOP cronies in Congress believe that the Vietnam War-like conflict in Afghanistan is more important than the well-being of America’s seniors.  After all, seniors generally don’t have the resources to contribute large sums of money to political campaigns or to wine and dine politicians.  And if seniors aren’t receiving Social Security benefits until they’re 70, then the government keeps that money for at least three years longer than they do now.  Plus, by age 70 some seniors will die before reaching their seventieth birthday, so their lifetime Social Security contributions potentially can be used by the government for more important endeavors, like a never-ending, largely unwinnable war in a far-off land.

On the other hand, continuous funding of that war provides huge profits for the large corporations who have the lucrative government contracts.  That ensures support from those corporations to keep the machine fed, so to speak, and everyone is happy.

Or, at least, the politicians who are heavily lobbied by those corporations, and the folks who own stock in the war industry will be happy.

The idea of raising the Social Security retirement age is not new.  Ronald Reagan did it in the 80’s, but that action was coupled with an increase in the Social Security payroll tax in order to adequately fund the system.  While controversial at the time, at least on paper the dual actions would have kept social security solvent.  But the additional funds resulting from the higher payroll contributions were soon sequestered to pay for other pro-war programs such as the now-defunct Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative known as Star Wars.

No one can dispute that national defense is an extremely important part of what any government should be doing.  And it is clear that that the troops actually doing the fighting in any act of national defense serve the very best high quality equipment possible.  But why on earth do some people think that this can only occur at the expense of citizens who can least afford it, namely, our senior citizens who worked a lifetime earning a living, paying taxes, raising children, and whom in many if not most cases are beginning to suffer the inevitable physical deterioration of the aging process?

Even more nonsensical is the fact that this country is suffering under the burden of high unemployment.  Folks of all ages are competing for the few jobs that become available.  Seniors have always been less competitive in the job market because of the advantage that young healthy adults have in the hiring process.  So if a senior who has planned his or her resources to last until Social Security kicks in at age 67, for instance,  is now hung out to dry for another three years, what’s that senior suppose to do?  Wrestle a twenty-two-year-old for a job digging ditches?

Interestingly, when asked about Boehner’s remarks, several other  GOP congressmen indicated that they agreed in principal with Boehner regarding raising the Social Security retirement age to 70.  But what they didn’t talk about was how they as congressmen are covered by a federal retirement system that is going to take good care of them when they leave federal service.  Sort of the “do as I say, not as I do” rule.

If the GOP regains control of congress this year, it seems likely they will spend a lot of their time boosting funding for the war, attempting to boost the Social Security retirement age to 70, and repealing the health care reform law in favor of what Boehner wants:  Tort reform and tax credits.

One can imagine the scenario:  500,000 US troops sent to Afghanistan;  Seniors between the ages of 67 and 70 standing in bread lines and soup kitchens waiting for a handout to keep from starving;  and others dying in the streets because they didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford their medicines, since the pharmacies don’t accept “tax credits” as payment for meds.

But, on the bright side, the corporations with government contracts worth hundred of billions of dollars will be working on missile defense projects designed keep the US safe from incoming Soviet ICBMs, so we all can eventually be snug as a bug in a rug.  Just one tiny little problem…or maybe two.

First, the Soviet Union went away eleven years ago.  And second, they can’t make it work, anyway.