Why Do Some People Support George W. Bush?

For those keeping score at home, G.W. bush’s approval ratings as president of the USA have been running pretty consistent at approximately 33% according to Pollingreport.com for the past two years. Conversely, 60% to 67% of Americans have been disapproving of his job during the same time era. That’s a pretty long time period to consistently be disapproved by two-thirds of your constituents!

But the one-third that continuously and consistently has stood by the president is a mystery to many of the rest of us. A friend decided to make an attempt at defining whom these people are and why they still support G.W. Bush in the face of so much opposition, logic, data, fact, and common sense. Let’s call him Charlie. Charlie writes:

“If, like me, you have tried to discuss the tragic policies of this administration with a Bush supporter then you know the frustration that it entails. Denial of facts, made-up facts, excuses and rationalizations, all followed with nasty cracks and attacks on one’s patriotism and sanity, are the usual responses.

“At this point, the evidence is clear. The Iraq war was sold to us under false pretexts about WMDs and supposed links between Iraq and the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11. Thousands have died as a result, while the bill for this war is being shifted to future generations, thus robbing our children of their rightful inheritance. Much is made of the few successes (of this war) while ignoring the fact that the fundamental differences between the Sunnis and Shiites remain and in the end, the government we support will most likely ally itself with itself with fellow Shiites in Iran. This was the big fear of George Bush, Sr., and the reason he left Saddam Hussein in power.

“Yet in spite of the obvious, the G. W. Bush supporters stand firm, and any attempt to engage in frank discussion is more than likely to fail. I have often wondered how someone can remain loyal to a man whose policies cannot be defended.

“Finally, after much consideration, I believe the answer is clear. Fundamentally, the supporters of this administration and this current Republican Party are fearful and resentful of the changes in society. And, under the radar in stealth mode, the Republican Party encourages these resentments. Sometimes it’s against Blacks, sometimes against women, often against gays and Muslims and, of course, the always useful, ill-defined, catch-all group known as “liberals”.

“Followers see themselves as warriors doing battle with “evil-doers” at home and abroad. Significantly, in this struggle there are no laws. The unspoken understanding is that the president has no need to be truthful. He has no need to abide by laws. He is engaged in a life and death struggle between good and evil on their behalf and so he is above the law and can do as he pleases both home and abroad. The end justifies the means. Thus, Bush’s followers close their eyes to Bush’s lies and deceptions, refusing to even consider them because they sense that if he falls then they lose as well.

“This explains why you cannot reason or discuss these matters with these Bush supporters. All logical arguments about the war or the actions of George W. Bush in undermining this nation and the damage he has wrought fall on deaf ears because the fundamental unspoken reasons, the hidden agenda for their support, are a varying mixture of fear, resentment and prejudice. And that mixture is not something they are willing to discuss or admit even to themselves.”

So, what do you think, blog fans? Is Charlie right? Why do fully a third of the citizens of this great nation consistently continue to support this president? The rest of us are clearly at a lose to understand this.

Oh yeah, and today marks 390 days left in GWBs presidency.

Cause for sadness…or celebration?