Iraq WMDs, Iran NUKES, SCIFIs ‘Tinman’: If Only the Scarecrow Had a Brain

Almost everyone alive is familiar with the great classic story of the “Wizard of Oz”, the fantastical tale of Dorothy, who is transported from Kansas (which was probably a plus) to a mythical land called Oz, where she meets, among others, a scarecrow who wishes he has a brain. The SCIFI channel is presently airing an updated and more adult version of this classical story called “Tinman”, so if you either read the original book or have seen either version, you know all about the scarecrow without a brain.

You should also know that most animals with a brain, even insects, are capable of learning from their mistakes. After all, even a lowly ant will allow itself to be burned by a hot surface only once before learning to avoid that very same hot surface. Thus, one would think that higher animals with more developed brains, e.g., the ability to make tools, use language, read and write, would be even more adept at learning from past mistakes, right?

Enter the current president of the United States, George W. Bush, and his entourage of war-mongering administration scarecrows, right from vice-president “Tricky-Dick” Cheney through the many taxpayer-paid-for nameless staffers whom have constructed war-scenario after war-scenario against named and nameless countries that the United States just might have to attack in the 400+ days left of the Bush fiasco-laden crusades.

Of course, the USA is a peace-loving country and doesn’t make war on friendly countries with which we have vast privately commercial oil interests, such as Saudi Arabia (but not Iraq, Iran, etc.). The USA also doesn’t attack nations we have vast commercial treaties with, such as Europe, China, India (but not Iraq, Iran, etc.). You get the point.

When Bush and his incompetent cronies wanted to commit an act of war on Iraq, they exclusively depended upon an intelligence process which is now universally considered (except by Bush, Darth Cheney, and the self-same staffers) to be flawed, if not downright manipulated, regarding Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

Five years of searching and over 3,700 dead American soldiers have found nothing. So, in the meantime, the Bushie machine has begun ratcheting up a war footing against Iran. And while Iran’s Ahmadinejad is by no means a rational, democratically oriented leader, it now seems that he was at least partially truthful in insisting that Iran’s nuclear program was indeed geared toward civilian power generation, rather than military bomb-building. This was revealed this past week not by Iranian propaganda, but by the American National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), which made clear that Iran abandoned its nuclear weapon program in 2003! That was four full years ago, folks!

There are several factors about this that vie for worst, and each is more awful than the other. To start with, Bush gave a speech a few weeks ago, talking about how if one cares about World War 3, one has to help him contain Iran’s program to build a nuclear bomb. What makes this statement so horrible is that Bush knew about the latest NIE when he said it, but the public didn’t. By doing so, he knowingly lied to the press, and through the press, he lied to the American people, and the world public as well.

Of course, in America, a majority of Americans don’t believe anything Bush says anymore, anyway. Elsewhere in the world, it is unknown how much credibility the USA still has. America’s credibility has been severely damaged over the past five years by this administration, starting with Bush’s stated reasons for invading Iraq.

But now, with the Bush Syndicate caught red-handed with their collective hand in the Iran nuclear bomb “cookie jar”, so to speak, for all the world to see, what could Bush possibly tell the world that they would believe, after preparing for a probable attack on Iran based upon the same flawed and twisted intelligence process he used to embroil the US in the most unpopular war in its history (yes, even more unpopular than Vietnam, according the polls!)?

The scarecrow could be forgiven for not learning from his mistakes, for not understanding that everyone is not an idiot, and for acting as though stupidity is a virtue. After all, he had no brain. But how do explain the current administration?

Or do you just impeach them?

Word of advice: If you impeach, do Cheney first.